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A mafia is an ethnic, family or culture-based organized crime enterprise.

Mafia usually refers specifically to:

  • Sicilian Mafia, the original "Mafia", often referred to simply as "the Mafia"
  • American Mafia, an Italian-American offshoot of the original Sicilian Mafia often referred to simply as "The Mafia" in the United States
  • Ethnic Italian organized crime in general and organized crime in Italy


Film and television[edit]



Groups and organizations[edit]

  • Maffia, Czechoslovak secret organization acting during World War I.
  • Berkeley Mafia, a group of Indonesian economists
  • Bomber Mafia, a close-knit group of American military men who believed that long-range heavy bomber aircraft in large numbers were able to win a war
  • Lesbian Sex Mafia, a New York City group for the support of alternative culture women
  • Memphis Mafia, a group of associates of Elvis Presley from 1954 until he died
  • Scottish mafia, a pejorative term for a group of Scottish politicians supposedly in control of the British government in the recent Labour administrations
  • The Main Event Mafia (M.E.M.), a professional wrestling stable
  • The E4 Mafia, a pejorative term used to refer to the informal fraternal network of junior enlisted soldiers in the United States Army holding the rank of Specialist

Other uses[edit]

  • Gay Mafia, or Velvet Mafia, is a pejorative term for the amalgamation of gay rights groups in politics and the media
  • Kiambu Mafia, people from Kenya's Kiambu District
  • Mafia Island, part of Tanzania's Zanzibar Archipelago

See also[edit]

  • Mafic, a geological / mineralogical term