Mafia Channel

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Mafia Channel
Mafia Channel is located in Tanzania
Mafia Channel
Mafia Channel
Location in Tanzania
Coordinates 7°56′48″S 39°30′02″E / 7.94667°S 39.50056°E / -7.94667; 39.50056Coordinates: 7°56′48″S 39°30′02″E / 7.94667°S 39.50056°E / -7.94667; 39.50056
Ocean/sea sources Indian Ocean
Basin countries Tanzania
Max. width 18 km (11 mi)
Islands Bwejuu Island[1]

The Mafia Channel is a strait in the Pwani Region, Tanzania, Africa[2]


The Mafia Channel stretches in a roughly north/south direction between the Rufiji River estuary and Mafia Island. The deltas at the mouth of the Rufiji River extrude towards the island and water is forced through causing constant erosion of the deltas and the island itself. Small and narrow Bwejuu Island is located in the middle of the channel.[3]


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