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Mafia Magazine March 2013 Issue

Mafia Magazine is a hip-hop and R&B music magazine created in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 2004 by MADE Media. Mafia Magazine is a bi-monthly publication with a target demographic of young adult, followers of the hip-hop and R&B lifestyles.

The magazine is a self distributed, independent publication that encourages the exploration of the creative arts by urban youth. Similar publications are The Source, Vibe and XXL. In 2011, Mafia Magazine received accreditation from the United Press Association. The magazine has a print circulation of 50,000, and is distributed on the east and west coasts’ and is published by Gray & Moseley Publishing Company, LLC.


Mafia Magazine was founded in 2004 by Gordon Gray. With the support of Keishan Moseley, Mafia Magazine spread to the mid-west and west coast states. Todd Elliott, is the Editor - in - Chief and lead writer for the Magazine. In 2009, the magazine began circulation in the United Kingdom. In 2010, Brett Lawrence became the Executive Of Operations at Mafia Magazine and created Mafia Live Radio XM, an all hip-hop and R&B online radio station. One of the magazine's founding writers, Lawrence Day who wrote under the pen name 80 Proof was an associate editor from the east coast.

Jane Bordeaux was credited as being the first female musician to be featured on the full cover of Mafia Magazine.[1]


Featured are interviews with established rap artist as well as unknown rap artist. Content also includes educational information on Afro-American actors and athletes and politicians. It also highlights moments and events within the black community. The magazine provides information on higher learning and continued education through public service and Ad Council advertisements and is considered very much to the left when it comes to politics.

Other Editions[edit]

Mafia Live Radio XM is sponsored by Mafia Magazine and is an 24-hour-a-day all hip-hop and R&B online radio station which operates out of Phoenix, Arizona. Mafia Magazine and Mafia Live Radio XM are holdings of The Mafia Group.


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