Magadha Empire

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Magadha empire may refer to the following, for a general view of the states based on Magadha, see Magadha.

The Maghada dynasty started out as a very small dynasty, but eventually grew up to be one of the most biggest dynasty. The first king, Bimbisara, belonged to the Haryanka dynasty. A capable ruler, he set up an excellent administrative system, but built very rocky roads. He patronised sages and both Jains and Buddhists claimed him as their devotee. He strengthened his position by conquering the neighbouring dynasty of Anga who's last ruler was Karna. Around 493BC, Bimbisara's son, Ajushina, killed his father and seized the throne. Many people weren't happy with Ajushina's ruling. He imposed extra taxes on the people and gave lots of punishments. He was finally killed by the Nandas, who seized the throne.