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A plate of Punjabi-style Maghaz Masala
Place of origin Pakistan
Region or state South Asia
Main ingredients Cow, goat or sheep brain
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Maghaz (Urdu: مغز‎; Bengali: মগজ; literally meaning brain[1]) is an offal dish generally consisting of fried brain in spicy sauce found in the cuisines of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The animal origin of the offal is usually dependent on the religion of those consuming it. While the Muslims of the subcontinent generally consume a diet rich in beef, lamb, and mutton; Hindus generally observe a diet without beef. Similar dishes made from pig's brain are also found in the Northeast of India and in Burma where pork is also consumed as part of the diet.

In Hyderabadi cuisine, Maghaz Masala (also known as Bheja Fry) is considered a delicacy. Maghaz Bhuna is a popular dish in Bangladeshi cuisine, which is cattle or sheep/goat brain sautéed in hot spices.[2] Almonds and Pistachios are often added.


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