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The Maghalashvili familial church and castle ("Maghalaant complex") in Shida Kartli.

The Maghalashvili (Magalashvili; Georgian: მაღალაშვილი) or Maghaladze (Magaladze, მაღალაძე) is a Georgian noble family; according to Cyril Toumanoff, an offshoot of the medieval house of Mkhargrdzeli.[1]


According to Georgian genealogic tradition of Prince Ioann (1768–1830), the Maghalashvili came from Imereti (western Georgia) to Kartli (central Georgia) in 1415,[2] in the reign of Alexander I of Georgia who granted them an estate at the village of Tsinarekhi in Shida Kartli.

By the end of the 17th century, the family had been bestowed with the hereditary office of Mayors of the Palace (Georgian: სახლთუხუცესი, saxlt'-uxuc'esi) of the Church of Georgia. In 1701, the Georgian king Erekle I (Nazar Alī Khān) elevated the Maghalashvili to a princely rank or tavadi. After Russian annexation of Georgia, the family was incorporated among the princely nobility (knyaz Magalov; Russian: Маѓаловы) of the empire in 1825.[1][3]

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