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A magalog is a promotional copy of a magazine, usually in a 12-page catalog format. The name is a portmanteau of "magazine" and "catalog" and was coined by Gary Bencivenga. Magalogs help introduce magazines to new readers. It can also help existing readers see new or upcoming changes, additions, or improvements to the magazine. An alternate use can include catalogs that are presented with content, not just advertising.

Many companies will use a Magalog to help introduce themselves or a new product they are offering. A combination of short copy and colorful pictures make a Magalog the perfect product to get your message across.

Some mail-order companies are changing communication behavior with their customers. Going from the classic product catalog to a more inspiring magazine like product presentation. This new way of presenting involves several types of media as images that describes the use of the product and even movies if using digital channels. In this way companies can engage their customers and the customer also feel more connection to the use of the products.

It was invented by Jim Rutz and Ed Elliott.