Magat Salamat

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In this Philippine name for indigenous people, this person is addressed by the sole name, Magat Salamat.
Magat Salamat
Prince of Tondo
Reign 1575–1589
Predecessor Rajah Sulaiman III
Successor monarchy annexed to Spanish Empire
House Kingdom of Tondo

Datu Magat Salamat (1550–1595) was one of the four sons of Lakan Dula.[1] Salamat was the crown prince and the last ruler of the Kingdom of Tondo prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. His eldest brother, Batang Dula, was betrothed to the half-Aztec daughter of Martin de Goiti to symbolize the alliance of the Kingdom of Tondo and the Spanish government. The marriage bore three children: David, Daba and Dola. Magat Salamat participated in the Tondo Conspiracy (1587–1588) against the Spaniards.[2]

The Magat Salamat Elementary School was named after Salamat in his honor. The school is located in the 1st District, (in the corners of Sta. Maria, Pavia and Perla Streets) of Tondo, Manila in the Philippines.


  1. ^ Magat Salamat is a son of Lakan Dula, not of Rajah Matanda.
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