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"Magazines" (also known as "Kings of Holey") is a track by Welsh rock band The Automatic on their second album This Is a Fix. The track was announced as their second single from This Is a Fix in late 2008; however, for unexplained reasons, the single and further release of material and promotion of the album ended in early 2009, with the band re-entering the studio to record their third album instead.[1]

The track is notably sung primarily by Paul Mullen, with Rob Hawkins and James Frost providing backing vocals, Frost also provides synthesizer parts, as well as guitar.[2]


In an interview with the BBC guitarist James Frost spoke of the track "There's a track called Magazines that is totally different to anything we've ever done before, I think it could be a sign of what we might do on the next album. It's this kind of dirty, sexy thing" Rob added: "It's like hip-hop with singing really, isn't it."[3] During the writing and recording process the track was known as "Kings of Holey".[4]