Province of Magdeburg

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Province of Magdeburg
Provinz Magdeburg
Province of Prussia

Location of Magdeburg
The Province of Magdeburg in 1944.
Capital Magdeburg
Government Province
High President
 •  1944–1945 Rudolf Jordan
Historical era World War II
 •  Established 1 July 1944
 •  Disestablished 23 July 1945
 •  1933a 11,587.87 km2 (4,474 sq mi)
 •  1933a 1,303,848 
Density 112.5 /km2  (291.4 /sq mi)
a. Within 1944/45 borders.

The Province of Magdeburg (German: Provinz Magdeburg) was a province of the Free State of Prussia within Nazi Germany from 1944–45. The provincial capital was Magdeburg.

The province was created on 1 July 1944 out of Regierungsbezirk Magdeburg, a government region from the former Province of Saxony.

The province was occupied by American troops after the conquest of Magdeburg in April 1945 during World War II. After the territory was transferred from American to Soviet control, it was merged with Halle-Merseburg and Anhalt to recreate the Province of Saxony, later renamed the Province of Saxony-Anhalt and ultimately the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt.

Districts in 1945[edit]

Regierungsbezirk Magdeburg[edit]

Urban districts[edit]

  1. Aschersleben
  2. Burg bei Magdeburg
  3. Halberstadt
  4. Magdeburg
  5. Quedlinburg
  6. Salzwedel
  7. Stendal

Rural districts[edit]

  1. Calbe a./S.
  2. Gardelegen
  3. Haldensleben
  4. Jerichow I (seat: Burg bei Magdeburg)
  5. Jerichow II (seat: Genthin)
  6. Oschersleben (Bode)
  7. Osterburg
  8. Quedlinburg
  9. Salzwedel
  10. Stendal
  11. Wanzleben
  12. Wernigerode
  13. Wolmirstedt