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Restored hut of Magdiel pioneers

Magdiel (Hebrew: מגדיאל‎‎) is a Youth Aliyah boarding school in Hod Hasharon, Israel. It was established as a home and school for children who survived the Holocaust. [1] Its location, Magdiel, was an agricultural village founded in 1924 by Jewish immigrants from Russia, Poland and Lithuania, later joined by a group from the Netherlands.[2]

In 1964, the village of Magdiel, along with Ramatayim, Hadar, and Ramat Hadar, merged to become Hod Hasharon. [2]

Other schools at Magdiel include a comprehensive secondary school and a technical vocational boarding school of the ORT educational network.


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Coordinates: 32°09′42″N 34°54′03″E / 32.161704°N 34.900799°E / 32.161704; 34.900799