Maggi goreng

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Maggi goreng
Maggi Goreng.jpg
Plate of Maggi Goreng.
Place of originMalaysia
Region or stateNationwide (mainly Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley)
Main ingredientsMaggi instant noodles

Maggi goreng ("fried Maggi (noodles)"; Maggi is a brand of instant noodle and Goreng means "fried" in the Malay language) is a style of cooking instant noodles, in particular the Maggi product range, which is common in Malaysia. It is commonly served at Indian Muslim (or Mamak) food stalls in Malaysia and Singapore.[1]

The traditional way of cooking Maggi noodles is to boil them in hot water and then to add a sachet of flavouring included with the noodles to the water to create stock. However, Maggi goreng is cooked by stir-frying them with vegetables and eggs. Sometimes, other ingredients such as tofu, sambal (spicy chilli relish), dark soy, and sometimes meat are added. A slice of lime is usually placed at the side of the plate as a garnish. Users also can add an additional flavour such as curry powder or any readily made paste to enhance the flavour. For certain Maggi goreng dishes, seafood ingredients such as prawn and fish are added based on certain customers' request in Mamak food stalls.

There is no standard method of preparing these noodles, as each stall has different techniques and ingredients. It is often accompanied by iced tea, iced lemon tea, fried chicken and a sunny-side-up.[citation needed]


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