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Dallas family
Dallas Barnes.jpg
The Barnes family in 1983, clockwise: Cliff Barnes, Pamela Barnes Ewing, Rebecca Barnes Wentworth, and Katherine Wentworth.
Type Fictional family
Created by David Jacobs
Original run April 2, 1978 (1978-04-02) – September 22, 2014 (2014-09-22)
First appearance "Digger's Daughter"
April 2, 1978
Last appearance Brand New World (September 22, 2014)
Address Dallas, Texas

The Barnes family is one of the main families of the American prime time soap opera Dallas and its 2012 sequel. The feud between the Barnes family and their rival Ewing family forms much of the core plot-line of the series.


Family members[edit]

1st generation[edit]

  • Henry Barnes (died) - married to unnamed woman.

2nd generation[edit]

  • Willard "Digger" Barnes (died 1980) - eldest child of Henry Barnes.
  • Margaret "Maggie" Barnes (died 1986) - youngest child of Henry Barnes.
    • James Monahan, (died before 1978)

3rd generation[edit]

  • Tyler Barnes (died as infant) - first child of Digger and Rebecca Barnes.
  • Clifford "Cliff" Barnes - second child of Digger and Rebecca Barnes.
  • Catherine Barnes (died as infant) - third child of Digger and Rebecca Barnes.
  • Pamela "Pam" Barnes (1953-1989) - fourth (legal) child of Digger and Rebecca Barnes. Biological child of Rebecca Barnes and Hutch McKinney.
  • Jimmy Monahan - son of Maggie and James Monahan. Cousin of Cliff and Pam.
  • Katherine Wentworth - daughter of Herbert and Rebecca Wentworth. Cliff and Pam's half-sister.

4th generation[edit]

Wentworth family[edit]

In 1954, when Pamela Barnes was less than a year old, Digger Barnes's wife, Rebecca, fled and was presumed dead. In 1981, she was tracked down by Pam's private investigator, as Rebecca Wentworth, wife of rich businessman Herbert Wentworth, with whom she had a biological daughter, Katherine Wentworth. Soon after Herbert died, and Rebecca reconciled with her children Cliff and Pam, Rebecca introduced them to their half-sister, Katherine. In turn of events, Rebecca's plane crashed in 1983 ("Crash of '83") and she died in Dallas Memorial. In her will, she left her huge Wentworth fortune to her children Cliff, Pam and Katherine. Katherine fled the country to Europe in 1984 after being wanted for attempted murder. In 1987, Pamela left Dallas after her car accident making her son Christopher heir of her Barnes-Wentworth Oil share, along with Cliff.

Family Tree[edit]

Henry Barnes
Maggie Barnes Monahan
Digger Barnes
Rebecca Blake
Hutch McKinney
Herbert Wentworth
Jimmy Monahan
Tyler Barnes
Afton Cooper
Cliff Barnes
Jamie Ewing
Catherine Barnes
Ed Haynes
Pamela Barnes
Bobby Ewing
Katherine Wentworth
Pamela Rebecca Barnes
Christopher Ewing (adopted)

Barnes-Wentworth Oil[edit]

Barnes-Wentworth Oil
Industry Oil
Predecessor Wade Luce Oil
Successor Barnes Global
Founded 1982
Founder Rebecca Wentworth
Headquarters Dallas, Texas, United States
Key people
Cliff Barnes
Pamela Ewing
Mark Graison (Partner)
Leo Wakefield (Comptroller)
Owner Jeremy Wendell
Cliff Barnes
Rebecca Wentworth
Wade Luce
Divisions Kesey Services
Barnes-Wentworth #1 (formerly Ewing #1)

Barnes-Wentworth Oil, formerly Wade Luce Oil, is a fictional oil company from the television series Dallas.

In 1982, Rebecca Wentworth bought the Wade Luce Oil company from retiring oilman Wade Luce in an effort to help her son, Cliff Barnes fight J.R. Ewing and Ewing Oil. Rebecca was killed in a plane crash in 1983. She split up the company between Cliff, Pam, and Katherine according to continuation. When Katherine died, she gave her shares to Cliff.

Cliff hired Sly Lovegreen to spy at Ewing Oil as J.R.'s secretary. She fed him information on pending deals at Ewing Oil, and Cliff managed to pull several profitable deals out from under him. J.R. eventually discovered the plot and turned the tables on Cliff feeding him useless information and nearly bankrupting Barnes-Wentworth.

Cliff later sold Barnes-Wentworth to Jeremy Wendell, but in the continuation, the company was still owned by Cliff, who diversified the company and it became a multibillion-dollar conglomerate called Barnes Global.

Barnes-Wentworth Shares After Death of Rebecca Wentworth:
Cliff Barnes: 33%
Pamela Barnes Ewing: 33%
Katherine Wentworth: 33%

Barnes-Wentworth Shares After Death of Katherine Wentworth:
Cliff Barnes: 66%
Pamela Barnes Ewing: 33%

Barnes Global[edit]

Barnes Global
Industry Casinos
Consumer Products
Fate Merged
Predecessors Barnes - Wentworth Oil
Successor Ewing Global (a merge between Ewing Energies & Barnes Global)
Founded mid-late 1990's
Founder Cliff Barnes
Headquarters Dallas, Texas, United States
Key people
Cliff Barnes
Owner Cliff Barnes 66%
Patricia Barrett 33%
Parent Barnes - Wentworth Oil
Subsidiaries Over a hundred

Barnes Global is a fictional company on the updated version of Dallas (Season 1 & 2 Only). It is owned by Cliff Barnes and Dr. David Gordon under the alias as Patricia Barrett. Dr. Gordon lives in Zurich, Switzerland and was Pamela Barnes Ewing's surgeon after the car accident that burned over 50% of her body.

Between the old version of Dallas and the newer version Dallas, Cliff Barnes built a multibillion-dollar conglomerate, consisting of over a hundred companies in over fifty countries, out of Barnes-Wentworth Oil, the company his mother had purchased back in 1982.

Bobby (Cliff's former brother-in-law), John Ross (Cliff's current son-in-law) and Christopher (Cliff's nephew and former son-in-law) find a financial report on Barnes Global that J.R. Ewing had, revealing Cliff's mother started the company and gave Cliff, Pam, and Katherine each one-third ownership. Katherine died and left her share to Cliff, which he later ceded to his daughter Pamela Rebecca. Meanwhile, Pam left Dallas in 1988 still owning her third of the company, with her son Christopher as a potential heir. With his mother missing since he was 7, Christopher seeks to declare Pam legally dead to inherit his mother's share of Barnes Global as a means of protecting Ewing Energies. Investigation initiated by J.R., however, reveals the likelihood of Pam living in Zurich. This is how Christopher found Dr. David Gordon and got his mother's will passing on her shares to him.

Original Barnes Global Shares:
Cliff Barnes: 33%
Pamela Barnes Ewing: 33%
Katherine Wentworth: 33%

Off-Air Barnes Global Shares:
Cliff Barnes: 66%
Patricia Barrett: 33%

After Christopher Got His Mother's Shares:
Cliff Barnes: 66%
Christopher Ewing: 33%

After Pamela Got Her Aunt's Shares:
Cliff Barnes: 33%
Christopher Ewing: 33%
Pamela Rebecca Barnes: 33%

After John Ross and Pamela Marry:
Cliff Barnes: 33%
Christopher Ewing: 33%
Pamela Rebecca Ewing/John Ross Ewing: 33%

Ewing Global[edit]

Ewing Global
Industry Oil
Alternative Energy
Consumer Products
Fate Unknown
Predecessors Ewing Energies & Barnes Global
Founded 2013
Founder Barnes Global: Cliff Barnes
Ewing Energies: John Ross Ewing III, Christopher Ewing, Bobby Ewing, and Elena Ramos
Headquarters Dallas, Texas, United States
Key people
Cliff Barnes
Pamela Rebecca Ewing
John Ross Ewing III
Christopher Ewing
Products Fuels & lubricants
gas hydrates
Owners Cliff Barnes/Nicolas Treviño
Pamela Rebecca Ewing/John Ross Ewing
Christopher Ewing
Subsidiaries oil rigs
Cartwell Trucking
over a hundred others

Ewing Global is a fictional company on the updated version of Dallas. Formerly Barnes Global, it is owned by Cliff Barnes, his daughter Pamela (with husband John Ross Ewing), and his nephew Christopher Ewing. Cliff is currently being represented by his hired proxy Nicolas Treviño (an childhood friend of Elena Ramos).

John Ross, Pamela, and Christopher merged Barnes Global and Ewing Energies and renamed the company to show who was in charge. Nicolas Treviño showed up in Dallas soon after Elena talked to Cliff in Nuevo Laredo. The Ewings were about to sell their consumers division in order to pay for the arctic leases. The leases would earn the new merged company millions, but Treviño stopped them saying that the Ewings had a majority but not a "super majority". John Ross planned to frack Southfork as a second option, but Bobby disagreed.

Ewing Global Shares
Nicolas Trevino: 33%
Christopher Ewing: 33%
Pamela Rebecca Ewing/John Ross Ewing: 33%
Bobby Ewing: Partner
Sue Ellen Ewing: Partner

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