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Maggie Gobran or Mama Maggie, a Coptic Orthodox lady, is the founder and CEO of the non-profit charity Stephen's Children in Cairo, Egypt. She was also professor of computer science at the American University in Cairo, is married and has a son and a daughter.[1] She was nominated to the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.[2]

Maggie Gobran, often referred to as the Mother Teresa of Cairo, is a Coptic Christian lady who once lived an affluent lifestyle sheltered from the poverty and misery,[3] but who nevertheless experienced persecution as a Christian in Egypt. In 1989, she gave up her academic career to become a Coptic Orthodox Christian consecrated servant and set up the charity Stephen's Children, whose aim is improving the lives of the children of Christians and families living in Cairo's slum quarters and impoverished communities in rural Upper Egypt. She also offers help to impoverished Muslim and Bahá'í children.[4][5]


Her own words (English)

Story (documentary in English)


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