Maggie Han

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Maggie Han
Born 1959
Providence, Rhode Island
Nationality American
Occupation Actor, model

Maggie Han (born 1959) is an American actress. Her career began with modeling jobs in the United States and France, and progressed to acting in film and television productions.[1] She is best known for playing Yoshiko Kawashima in The Last Emperor and Cheryl the lawyer in the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.


Maggie Han was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Her parents were retired music professors who immigrated to the United States from South Korea.[2] Han grew up enthralled by feminist literature and developed an "aversion to the idea of marriage and a family."[3] At the age of 16, Han enrolled at Harvard University and majored in American history. Upon the suggestion of a stranger, she contacted a local modeling agency and began working part-time.[2] After receiving an increasing number of job offers, Han decided to model full-time in Paris to escape what she described as "misery" in the Harvard environment.[3]

Maggie Han modeled for six years in Paris and later New York and described one of her most memorable experiences as being a photo-shoot in a war-torn area of Lebanon.[3] In 1983, Han returned to Harvard to continue her degree. While there, she became an award-winning reporter for the Harvard Crimson newspaper. During this time she got a deal to do part-time modeling for the pantyhose company L'eggs and appeared in several commercials for them. In 1985, Han received an offer to audition for the miniseries Space. To make her acting debut in that series, she again dropped out of Harvard but stated that returning for a second time was a possibility.[2] Afterward, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue further roles. These included LA Law and her film debut The Last Emperor.


Film or Television Title Character Episodes Year(s)
Murder, She Wrote Nobu Hitaki 1 episode 1996
Open Season Cary Sain -- 1995
Junior Lab Assistant -- 1994
Diagnosis Murder Sunshine 1 episode 1994
Black Tie Affair Cookie Regular 1993
Seinfeld Cheryl Fong 2 episodes 1993
Teech Cassie Lee Regular 1991
Dark Avenger Rae Wong -- 1990
Crazy People Connie Vega-Margolis -- 1990
Murder in Paradise Dr. Diane Mahona -- 1990
Murphy's Law Kimiko Fannuchi 5 episodes 1988-1989
Mr. Belvedere Tami Suzuki 2 episodes 1988
Crime Story Ginnie Chan 1 episode 1987
The Last Emperor Yoshiko Kawashima -- 1987
LA Law Sandy 3 episodes 1986
Head of the Class Shayeeda 1 episode 1986
Space Cindy Rhee 3 episodes 1985


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