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Maggie Muggins (Television program)
Genre Children's
Created by Mary Grannan
Written by Mary Grannan
Directed by Michael Spivak, Norman Jewison
Starring Beth Morris (1955)
Deanne Taylor (1956-1959)
Mary Long (1959-1962)
John Drainie (1955-1956)
Frank Peddie (1956-1959)
Doug Master (1959-1962)
Mavor Moore
Robert Christie
Puppeteers John and Linda Keogh
Voices of Ruth Springford, Alice Hill, Murray Westgate, Jack Mather, Margot Christie
Theme music composer Lou Snider
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 7
Producer(s) Dick Knowles
Francis Chapman
Running time 15 minutes
Original network CBC Television
Original release September 29, 1955 – June 27, 1962
Preceded by Maggie Muggins (radio program)

Maggie Muggins was a Canadian children's radio and television series which began on-air live as a fifteen-minute program on CBC Radio on New Year's Day, 1947. The highly popular radio program engaged children's imaginations, with its continuing cast of unique animal puppets and human characters. Maggie Muggins moved to CBC Television to air between September 29, 1955 and June 27, 1962.

Maggie Muggins is a freckle-faced girl in a gingham dress, with her red hair pulled back in two long pigtails who had adventures with many human-like animals and her neighbour Mr. McGarrity, who constantly worked on his garden.

The television series was adapted from previous media including radio and print.

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