Maggie O'Sullivan

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Maggie O'Sullivan (born 1951) is a British poet, performer and visual artist associated with the British Poetry Revival.


O'Sullivan was born in Lincoln, England of Irish immigrant parents[citation needed]. She moved to London in 1971 and worked for the BBC until 1988. Her early work appeared in magazines such as Angel Exhaust. She lives in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.[citation needed]

O'Sullivan's work is influenced by Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Beuys, Jerome Rothenberg, Bob Cobbing and Basil Bunting. Her books include An Incomplete Natural History (1984),[1] In the House of the Shaman (1993), Red Shifts (2000) and Palace of Reptiles (2003). She edited out of everywhere: An anthology of contemporary linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America & the UK (1996).


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