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Maggot (real name Andrew Major) (born 1976) is a British rapper and ex-member of the rap group Goldie Lookin Chain.

Goldie Lookin Chain[edit]

Several Goldie Lookin Chain songs have been written about him. These include "The Maggot" (Greatest Hits); based on the tune of "You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two" from the musical Oliver! and "Maneater" by Hall & Oates together with a Steeleye Span hook. "The Maggot" also namechecks Fagin, Dick Turpin, Penelope Keith and Kylie Minogue and features fellow GLC member Mystikal.

Another song, "Maggot at Midnight" (from Safe as Fuck), namechecks (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Nosferatu, The Crystal Maze, Michael Jackson and Jackson's song "Thriller") and features a sample from the television show 'Danger Mouse'. Another short track he features on is called "Maggot's Stand-Up" where Maggot does a short stand-up comic style set; it mostly features scatological references. Maggot also identifies himself as The Hip Hop Vampire, which is one of his aliases.[citation needed]

Maggot, like the other members of the group is a supporter of Liverpool F.C. although he has never seen them play. Maggot has now left Goldie Lookin Chain to pursue other interests.

Celebrity Big Brother[edit]

He appeared in the fourth series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, finishing third, trailing Michael Barrymore and eventual winner Chantelle Houghton.

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