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Māgh (Punjabi: ਮਾਘ , Punjabi pronunciation: [máːgᵊ]) is the eleventh month[1] of the Nanakshahi calendar, which governs the activities within Sikhism. This month coincides with Magha in the Hindu calendar and the Indian national calendar,[2] and January and February in the Gregorian and Julian calendars and is 30 days long.

Important events during this month[edit]


  • January 14 (1 Māgh) - The start of the month Magh
  • January 31 (19 Māgh) - Birth of Guru Har Rai Ji


  • February 11 (30 Māgh) - Birthday of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji
  • February 12 (1 Phaggan) - The end of the month Magh and the start of Phaggan

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