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The Magi Society is an international association of astrologers.[1]

Based in New York City, the society has developed and uses its own system of astrology, called Magi Astrology,[2][3] that is based on “Planetary Geometry”[4] which it defines as “geometric patterns made by drawing connecting lines between the positions of the planets.” Hay House, Inc. has published three books teaching the principles of Magi Astrology[5] with the Magi Society as the author.

Through its books, the Magi Society advocates the use of declinations, heliocentric longitudes and latitudes in astrology as well as offering a methodology to interpret them.[6][7] The Magi Society’s third book claims that the position of Chiron (a planetoid) in a birth chart can be used to help predict romantic attraction.[8]

They use heliocentric charts as well. From their recent research, the Magi Society uses the major asteroids/planetoids of Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Pallas and Vesta. They also recently attributed Sedna to stock market crashes.


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