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Developer(s)WIDE Project
Stable release
1.13a / February 13, 2008; 15 years ago (2008-02-13)
Operating systemAny Unix-like
TypePresentation program
LicenseBSD license[1]

MagicPoint is one of several open-source presentation programs,[2] often used to produce slides for conferences.[3] Unlike most presentation programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, where a GUI is used to create slides, MagicPoint slides are created by writing text files using a simple markup language. The resulting file is then displayed with MagicPoint's X11-based viewer.


MagicPoint was originally created in the autumn of 1997, at a WIDE Project camp. It was originally known as tp, standing for TinyPoint,[4] but in December the name was changed to MagicPoint.[5]


  • Content is written in text files and formatting is indicated by text features. For example, different level bullet points can be created by simply indenting the text with tabs[6]
  • Many image formats are supported[7]
  • Slides can be scaled to different screen sizes[8]
  • External applications can be executed from inside the presentation
  • A talk timer and slide guide are included[7]
  • Presentations can be exported to HTML or PostScript files.[9]

Another feature of MagicPoint is the ability to draw on slides during a presentation.[2] By pressing x on the keyboard, the slide can temporarily be scribbled on with red "ink". Shift x allows you to cycle through other pen colours.


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