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Magic City may refer to:


U.S. cities with the nickname[edit]

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]


Film and television[edit]




  • Magic City Jazz Orchestra (MCJO), an American jazz ensemble founded in 1999, as a spin-off of the SuperJazz Big Band (formerly UAB SuperJazz) by Birmingham, Alabama jazz pianist and vocalist Ray Reach




  • Magic City Morning Star, an online newspaper serving the Katahdin region of Maine, including the Penobscot County towns of Millinocket, East Millinocket, and Medway

Venues and enterprises[edit]

  • Magic-City, an amusement park near Pont de l'Alma, two blocks east of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, France from 1900 to 1934; it hosted a large dance hall (at 188 rue de l'Université in Paris) known for its "drag balls"
  • Magic City (club), an Atlanta strip club


  • Magic City Classic, an annual American football "classic" which features Alabama A&M University and Alabama State University, two of Alabama's largest historically black universities
  • Magic City Misfits (MCM), a roller derby league based in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Magic City Snowbears, a defunct professional basketball club based in Minot, North Dakota

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