Magic Dance

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"Magic Dance"
Bowie MagicDance.jpg
Single by David Bowie
from the album Labyrinth
B-side "Within You"
Released 1986
Format 12" single
Recorded 1986
Length 5:13 (Album Version)
4:00 (Single Version)
Label EMI America
Songwriter(s) David Bowie
David Bowie singles chronology
"Magic Dance"
"When the Wind Blows"
"Magic Dance"
"When the Wind Blows"

"Magic Dance" is a song written and recorded by David Bowie for the 1986 Jim Henson movie Labyrinth.


"Magic Dance," described as a "simple dance number that's drive by an electric bass and emphatic drums,",[2] includes song lyrics that make reference to the 1947 movie The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer starring Cary Grant and Shirley Temple, in which the two have a call and reply verse: "You remind me of a man." "What man?" "The man with the power." "What power?" "The power of hoodoo." "Who do?" "You do!". In "Magic Dance," "man" is replaced with "babe" and "hoodoo" with "voodoo".[2]

Bowie performed the baby's gurgles in the song, as the real baby who would have provided the sounds wouldn't gurgle on microphone.[2]

The single was only released on 12" in the US, Spanish and Italian markets, among others. The single was not released commercially in the UK until the digital download version was made available in early 2007.

Track listing[edit]

12": EMI America / V-19217 (US)[edit]

  1. "Magic Dance" (A Dance Mix) – 7:06
  2. "Magic Dance" (Dub) – 5:22
  3. "Within You" – 3:28

Download: EMI / i19217 (US)[edit]

  1. "Magic Dance" (Single Version/Edit of 7" Remix) – 4:00
  2. "Magic Dance" (12" Remix/Dance Mix) – 7:16
  3. "Magic Dance" (Dub) – 5:31
  4. "Magic Dance" (7" Remix) – 4:39


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