Magic Hat Brewing Company

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Magic Hat Brewing Company
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1994
Headquarters South Burlington, Vermont
United States
Key people
Alan Newman
Products Beer
Production output
154,236 US barrels[1]
Owner Florida Ice & Farm Co.

Magic Hat Brewing Company is a brewery in South Burlington, Vermont. It began production in 1994, and is currently owned by North American Breweries, a subsidiary of Costa Rican company Florida Ice & Farm Co. It brews four year-round beers and several seasonal products and one-off batches.


Magic Hat Brewing Company was formed in 1994 in Burlington, Vermont. It moved to its current South Burlington location in 1997. By 2005 it had 64 employees.[2] In 2008 the company purchased Pyramid Breweries, makers of the Pyramid and MacTarnahan's brands, expanding to 129 employees.[3] In 2010 Magic Hat (including Pyramid) was acquired by North American Breweries of Rochester, New York.[4] In December 2012, North American Breweries was purchased by the Costa Rican company Florida Ice & Farm Co.[5]


Magic Hat #9 in a mug

Magic Hat brews four year-round beers: #9 "Not Quite Pale Ale", Dream Machine, Circus Boy and Single Chair. It also produces up to four seasonal beers, seasonal variety packs and several limited release products.[6]


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