Magic Hat Brewing Company

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Magic Hat Brewing Company
LocationSouth Burlington, Vermont
United States
Coordinates44°25′44″N 73°12′49″W / 44.42889°N 73.21361°W / 44.42889; -73.21361Coordinates: 44°25′44″N 73°12′49″W / 44.42889°N 73.21361°W / 44.42889; -73.21361
Key peopleAlan Newman
Annual production volume154,236 US beer barrels (180,992 hl)[1]
Owned byNorth American Breweries

Magic Hat Brewing Company is a brewery in South Burlington, Vermont. It began production in 1994, and has grown over the years being currently distributed across the US. Known for it's creative takes on traditional styles. It brews year around favorites, several seasonal products, beer-wine hybrids and one-off batches available only at the brewery.


Magic Hat Brewing Company was formed in 1994 in Burlington, Vermont. It moved to its current South Burlington location in 1997. By 2005 it had 64 employees.[2] In 2008 the company purchased Pyramid Breweries, makers of the Pyramid and MacTarnahan's brands, expanding to 129 employees.[3] In 2010 Magic Hat (including Pyramid) was acquired by North American Breweries of Rochester, New York.[4] In December 2012, North American Breweries was purchased by the Costa Rican company Florida Ice & Farm Co.[5]


Magic Hat #9 in a mug

Magic Hat brews five year-round beers: #9 "Not Quite Pale Ale", Taken for Granite, Mother Lager, Citrus Boy, Elder Betty and Single Chair. It also produces up to four seasonal beers, seasonal variety packs and several limited release products.[6]


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