Magic Kitchen

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Magic Kitchen
Film poster
Directed by Lee Chi-Ngai
Produced by Lee Chi-Ngai
John Chong
Written by Lee Chi-Ngai
Starring Andy Lau
Sammi Cheng
Jerry Yan
Maggie Q
Nicola Cheung
Stephen Fung
Edited by Kwong Chi-Leung
Distributed by Media Asia Distribution
Release dates
  • 5 January 2004 (2004-01-05)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Magic Kitchen (Chinese: 魔幻厨房; Cantonese Yale: Moh waan chue fong) is a 2004 Hong Kong film, directed by Lee Chi-Ngai.


Yau became the proprietor and head chef of a successful restaurant/cafe since her mother died six months ago. Yau cooks according to the large collection of recipes her mother, who had tremendous talent as a culinary artist but never found success in the restaurant scene due to sexism, created over the years, but has no confidence in herself as a chef. When she visits Japan with her assistant Ho at the invitation of an Iron Chef style cooking show, she has a chance run-in with an old boyfriend, Chuen. Over the next weeks back in HongKong, Yau struggles with resurgent feelings for Chuen even as she discovers that one of her best friends has started seeing him. In the mean time, her steadfast supporter and assistant for the last three years, Ho, pushes her to be more bold in her art and experiment. Love and food intersects with surprising twists as she finally decides to leave the past behind and compete in the cooking challenge. In the end, love is the secret ingredient.



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