Magic Link

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Magic Link
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The Sony Magic Link PIC-1000
TypePersonal Intelligent Communicator
Operating systemMagic Cap
CPUMC68349 16 MHz Motorola Dragon
Memory1MB Random Access Memory and PC Card
Display480 x 320 pixel LCD
InputTouchscreen (stylus-based)
Connectivity2400 bit/s modem
Power6 AAA alkaline batteries or AC power or Sony camcorder Li ion rechargeable pack

The Magic Link was a Personal Intelligent Communicator marketed by Sony from 1994,[1] based on General Magic's Magic Cap operating system. The Magic Link PIC-1000[2] was brought to market by Jerry Fiala Sr at Sony. The "Link" part of the name refers to the device's ability to send and receive data over a modem.[3]

A competing product to the Magic Link was the Motorola Envoy. In 1995, the Magic Link won the PC World World Class Award.[4] Magic Link PIC-2000 was released in 1996.[5]


  • Messages
  • Address Book
  • Clock and Calendar
  • Notebook
  • Spreadsheet
  • Datebook
  • Phone
  • Fax machine (Kobes Japan model only)
  • Pocket Quicken
  • Sony AV Remote Commander
  • Calculator
  • AT&T PersonaLink Services
  • America Online mail client

Documentary film[edit]

The device features prominently in the documentary film General Magic about the epic rise and fall of General Magic.[6]


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