Magic Monkey

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Magic Monkey
Magic Monkey.jpg
The remastered CD release's cover
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedOctober 25, 1978
LabelNippon Columbia
Godiego chronology
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Magic Monkey
Singles from Magic Monkey
  1. "Gandhara"
    Released: October 1, 1978
  2. "Monkey Magic"
    Released: December 25, 1978

Saiyūki (西遊記) or Magic Monkey is a soundtrack released by Godiego for the television show of the same name, known as Monkey in the west. After its initial release in 1978 as an LP and Compact Cassette, it was recognized by the Oricon as the number 1 selling record and cassette for 1979. It was later released on a CD on October 21, 1993,[1][2] and then again as a remastered CD on March 19, 2008.[3]


It was initially released as Magic Monkey (Saiyūki) in Japan, as Monkey in the UK, and Magic Monkey in Australia ("Magic Monkey" appears on the original Japanese release). The track listing of the UK-edition differs slightly from the original Japanese release, while the Australian edition is identical to the Japanese release. All of the songs are sung entirely in English on the Japanese release, whereas the British and Australian releases contain a half-Japanese and half-English version of "Gandhara".

Track list[edit]

All lyrics are written by Yōko Narahashi. All arrangement by Mickey Yoshino.

Magic Monkey (Saiyūki) (Japanese) track listing
1."The Birth of the Odyssey ~ Monkey Magic"Yoshino ("The Birth of the Odyssey")
Yukihide Takekawa ("Monkey Magic")
Takekawa, Steve Fox4:59
3."Asiatic Fever"YoshinoTommy Snyder3:52
4."We're Heading Out West to India"TakekawaTakekawa4:40
5."Thank You, Baby"TakekawaTakekawa1:56
6."Steppin' Into Your World"YoshinoTakekawa4:03
7."Havoc In Heaven"TakekawaTakekawa3:35
8."Dragons and Demons"YoshinoFox3:16
9."A Fool!"YoshinoTakekawa3:26
Total length:42:35


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