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Magic Pockets is an independent video game studio based in Torcy, France. It is one of the largest handheld video game developers in France. The company has developed more than 35 games on Nintendo's handheld systems and is currently working on an unannounced Wii U game.[1]

The studio managed to enter the Develop100[2] in 2010, being one of the world's most successful game studios according to Develop.


Created in 2000,[3] the studio was aimed at developing games for Nintendo handheld consoles. When Take-Two Interactive bought GAÏA Groupe in 2005, Magic Pockets leads quickly proposed to buy back the studio. Take-Two accepted the offer and Magic Pockets made a fresh start as an independent developer. With the great increase of the Nintendo DS software sales, the studio had the opportunity to grow rapidly from 9 employees to 30, developing 48 games within four years.

The studio has developed games for Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Nintendo 3DS and Wii.[4][5]

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