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Red Giant
Industry Computer software
Founded 2002
Headquarters Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
Key people
John Knoll
Products Color Suite, Shooter Suite, Keying Suite, Trapcode Suite, Effects Suite, BulletProof, Magic Bullet Suite, Guru Suite, Colorista II, Composite Wizard, Cosmo, Denoiser II, Frames, Holomatrix, Image Lounge, Instant HD, Key Correct, Knoll Light Factory, Magic Bullet Looks, Magic Bullet PhotoLooks, Magic Bullet Quick Looks, Mojo, PlaneSpace, PluralEyes, Presto, Primatte Keyer, Psunami, Text Anarchy, ToonIt, Trapcode 3D Stroke, Trapcode Echospace, Trapcode Form, Trapcode Horizon, Trapcode Lux, Trapcode Mir, Trapcode Particular, Trapcode Shine, Trapcode Sound Keys, Trapcode Starglow, Warp

Red Giant Software sells digital video plug-ins for compositing software and NLEs such as Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Nuke and Sony Vegas.

Two of their best-known products are the Magic Bullet Suite (a plug-in for After Effects made to make digital video look more like film) and Knoll Light Factory (a plug-in containing light and spark effects).

The plug-ins Red Giant sells have been used in many feature films, music videos, national TV commercials & shows. These include Grindhouse, The Aviator, Day After Tomorrow, Vanilla Sky, Hellboy, Spy Kids 3D, Double Dare, Nike commercials, Good Eats, ESPN, Disney, CNN, Good Morning America, Cher videos, FooFighter videos, and MTV shows.Red Giant TV


In 2002, Red Giant Software was founded in San Francisco, California.[citation needed]

Plot Device[edit]

In 2011, Red Giant funded a project which developed a short film called Plot Device wherein the video filters in their software are tested. Boing Boing cited the project as a clever way to advertise software.[1]


In July 2012, Red Giant funded a project which developed a short film called Tempo where tools from their Trapcode Suite software was used to create the visual effects in the film.

Order Up[edit]

In August 2012, Red Giant funded a project which developed a short film called Order Up where their software Knoll Light Factory was used for the effects in the film.

Form 17[edit]

In September 2012, Red Giant funded a project which developed a short film called Form 17 where their software PluralEyes was used to sync the audio in the film.

Spy vs Guy[edit]

In April 2013, Red Giant funded a project which developed a short film called Spy vs Guy where their software BulletProof was used to prepare the footage.


Red Giant's products are mostly plug-ins that aid digital video and film editors.[citation needed]

Magic Bullet[edit]

Magic Bullet is a video editing plug-in sold by Red Giant Software and originally created by visual effects company The Orphanage. It gives video footage a film look. It is compatible with Adobe After Effects and NLEs such as Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, and Avid. It is used by over 100,000 film editors worldwide[2] as well as for professional footage on films and TV shows.[2]


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