Magical × Heroine Magimajo Pures!

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Magical × Heroine Magimajo Pures!
Magic x Warrior Magi Majo Pures visual.jpg
Promotional visual for the second half of the series
魔法×戦士 マジマジョピュアーズ!
GenreTokusatsu,[1] Magical girl, children[2]
Created by
Written by
  • Hisako Fujihira
  • Kana Matsui
  • Mao Aoki
  • Yuya Nakazono
Directed byTakashi Miike
  • Yuki Miyoshi
  • Momoka Sumitani
  • Misaki Tsuruya
  • Youka Ogawa
  • Kurea Masuda
  • Mariko Shinoda
Opening theme
  • "Ai ni Tsuite" by Magical² (eps. 1-14)
  • "Ai ni Tsuite (Powered Up Version)" by Magical² (eps. 15-26)
  • "Mirumiru: Mirai Mieru" by Magical² (eps. 27-51)
Ending theme
  • "Cho Lucky" by Magical² (eps. 1-14)
  • "Harerusa" by Magical² (eps. 15-26)
  • "OK" by Magical² (eps. 27-39)
  • "Thank You" by Magical² (eps. 40-51)
Composer(s)Koji Endo
Country of originJapan
Original language(s)Japanese
No. of episodes51
  • Sayako Muramatsu
  • Yosuke Imai
  • Misako Saka
Running time24 minutes
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original releaseApril 1, 2018 –
March 24, 2019
Preceded byIdol × Warrior Miracle Tunes!
Followed bySecret × Heroine Phantomirage!
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Magical × Heroine Magimajo Pures (魔法×戦士 マジマジョピュアーズ!, Mahō Senshi Majimajo Pyūazu!)[3] (stylized as "Magical x Heroine Magimajopures!) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV drama series that began airing on April 1, 2018 until March 24, 2019. It is the second installment of the Girls × Heroine! Series produced by Takara Tomy and OLM, Inc. with the assistance of Shogakukan and EXPG Studio, following the success of Idol × Warrior Miracle Tunes![4][5] The show is aimed at a female demographic between the ages of 2 to 6.[2] The series is directed by Takashi Miike and stars Yuki Miyoshi, Momoka Sumitani, Misaki Tsuruya, Youka Ogawa, and Kurea Masuda. The plot is centered on the Magimajo Pures, a group of middle school girls who transform into Magical Heroines to protect people's dreams from the Nuisance World.

The show also launched a brief singing career for the main cast, who are holding music activities as the Japanese idol girl group Magical² to promote the show. Following the show's end in 2019, it was succeeded by Secret × Heroine Phantomirage!


In an attempt to conquer the world, the Nuisance World has stolen the magical gemstones called Majoka Jewels (マジョカジュエル) and have corrupted each into a dark-possessed crystal, an Akirame Stone (あきらめストーン), which interferes with people's dreams and turns them into a dark, villainous Akiramest (アキラメスト). Momoka, an ordinary middle school student, is summoned by Mokonyan, a fairy from the Magical World, to join Magical Heroines Rin and Mitsuki and stop the Nuisance World. Together, as Magimajo Pures, they purelize the Akiramests back into Majoka Jewels with magic.[6]


Magimajo Pures[edit]

The main characters are first-year middle school students who transform into Magimajo Pures using a Majoka Porte[6][7] and their own Majoka Jewels.[6][8] Each girl is given a magic wand called a Majoka Lumina[6][9] and using different Majoka Jewels would allow them to cast spells to defeat their enemies.

Momoka Aino (愛乃モモカ, Aino Momoka)
Played by Yuki Miyoshi[4]
Momoka is the Heart Magical Heroine who holds the Heart Ruby (ハートルビー, Haato Rubii) as her Majoka Jewel. She is a bright and energetic first-year middle school student who is full of dreams. Her Majoka Jewel allows her to purify people's hearts. Her catchphrase is "That's magical!" Her solo purelize move is "Heartful Lovely Party."
Rin Shirayuki (白雪リン, Shirayuki Rin)
Played by Momoka Sumitani[4]
Rin is the Frozen Magical Heroine who holds the Frozen Sapphire (フローズンサファイア, Furozun Safaia) as her Majoka Jewel. Originally from the Magical World, she holds excellent grades and enjoys reading. Her Majoka Jewel allows her to freeze items and calm people down. Her catchphrase is "How mysterious!" Her solo purelize move is "Frozen Cool Splash."
Mitsuki Hanamori (花守ミツキ, Hanamori Mitsuki)
Played by Misaki Tsuruya[4]
Mitsuki is the Flower Magical Heroine who holds the Flower Citrine (フラワーシトリン, Furawaa Shitorin) as her Majoka Jewel. Originally from the Magical World, her love of sports allows her to become talented in that area, and, as a result, she is sought after by many school clubs. Her Majoka Jewel allows people to feel energetic. Her catchphrase is "Happy flower circles!" Her solo purelize move is "Flower Blossom Carnival."
Shiori Hoshina (星奈シオリ, Hoshina Shiori)
Played by Youka Ogawa[10]
Shiori is mysterious Magical Heroine manipulated by Jamahiko. After being rescued by the Magimajo Pures, she is revealed to be the Star and Moon Magical Heroine who holds the Star Amethyst (スターアメジスト, Sutaa Amejisuto) as her Majoka Jewel. In her daily life, she is a stylish girl who enjoys fashion. Partnered with Lalanyan, Shiori uses the Majoka Palette (マジョカパレット) to transform.[11] Her solo purelize move is "Stardust Cosmic."
Yuria Nijiiro (虹色ユリア, Nijiiro Yuria)
Played by Kurea Masuda[12]
Yuria is the Rainbow Magical Heroine who holds the Rainbow Diamond (レインボーダイヤモンド, Reinbo Daiyamondo) as her Majoka Jewel.[12] She holds the spirit of the unicorn and uses powerful magic.[12][13] She came to Earth to protect the other four girls.[12] Yuria uses the Majoka Iris (マジョカアイリス) to transform and it holds the powers of all the Majoka Jewels.[12] Her Majoka Jewel allows her to create protective barriers. She is shy, but has a healing personality. Her solo purelize move is "Rainbow Milky Fantasy."

Magical World[edit]

Tiara (ティアラ)
Played by Mariko Shinoda[4]
Tiara is the owner of Tiara, a jewelry shop. She is from the Magical World and uses a crystal ball to observe affairs from afar, aside from providing the magic to allow the Magimajo Pures to transform.
Mokonyan (モコニャン)
Voiced by: Sakura Ando[14]
A pink, cat-like fairy from the Magical World who is partnered with Momoka, Rin, and Mitsuki. She is always drinking Majoka Milk and eating fish-shaped cookies. She ends her sentences with the word "nyan".
Lalanyan (ララニャン, Raranyan)
Voiced by: Izumi Okamura
A cat-like fairy from the Magical World who is partnered with Shiori. When entering Jama World, she got separated from Shiori and was held captive.

Jama World[edit]

The residents of Jama World (邪魔界, Jamakai, Nuisance World) are the antagonists of the series who take away peoples' dreams while turning them into Akiramests (アキラメスト, Akiramesto), converting their Purella Energy into negativity-inducing Jakura Energy.

Jama Baron (邪魔男爵, Jama Danshaku)
Played by Kenichi Endō[6]
The leader of Jama World who stole the Majoka Jewels from the Magical World, using the Jamajama-dan to take away people's dreams. Following his death when the Giving Up Thunderzooka he was using self-destructed, he returns in the finale arc as Jama Emperor (後邪魔大帝, Jama Taitei).
Jamahiko (邪魔彦)
Played by Kanata Hosoda[10]
Jama Baron's apparent son, Jamahiko takes charge of the Jamajama-dan after usurping his father. After brainwashing Shiori, he later attends Yumenokaze Middle School disguised as Masahiko Masabe (真加部正彦, Masabe Masahiko). Yuria reveals that he was a human boy kidnapped and brainwashed by Gran Ma, disappearing after the Magi Majo Pures purelize him before he resurfaces during the Magimajo Pures' final battle with Jama Emperor.
Gran Ma (グラン魔)
Played by Kumiko Mori[12]
Gran Ma is Jama Baron's mother and Jamahiko's grandmother. She leads the Jamajama-dan into stealing the Majoka Jewels after Jamahiko disappears before eloping with Santa Claus.


The Jamajama-dan (邪魔邪魔団) are three Deluxe Akiramests who turn others into Akiramests with the Akirame Stones.

Muritaro (ムリ太郎)
Played by Louis Kurihara[6]
A rabbit-themed man who wears black clothes and ties his hair back, later revealed to be formerly a failing comedian who gave up his dream.
Mudako (ムダ子)
Played by Akosuya Miki[6]
The only woman on the team, bear-themed with an afro and red clothes.
Damenojo (ダメ之丞)
Played by Osamu Fujiki[6]
A gorilla-themed man with dreadlocks wearing a frog-like hat and white clothes, later revealed to formerly a sweets shop apprentice.

Recurring characters[edit]

Ririka Aino (愛乃 梨々花, Aino Ririka)
Played by Eriko Sato[6]
Ririka is Momoka's mother and also used to be a Magical Heroine.
Hideo Omachi (大町 秀雄, Ōmachi Hideo)
Played by Yūta Watanabe[6]
Mr. Omachi is the teacher of Momoka, Rin, and Mitsuki's class at Yumenokaze Middle School.
Kaito Odawara (小田原 カイト, Odawara Kaito)
Played by Kyōhei Shimokawa[6]
Kaito is Momoka's classmate and is in the art club with Rin. His mother is Marin Odawara, the creator of Rin's favorite manga series, Super Spy Vanilla Dessert. His dream is to become a manga artist.
Moe Nakahara (中原 萌, Nakahara Moe)
Played by Hinata Arakawa[6]
Moe is Momoka's classmate and is part of the school newspaper's staff with her. Her dream is to become a ballerina.
Nanami Hirano (平野 菜々美, Hirano Nanami)
Played by Kanon Matsuzawa[6]
Nanami is Momoka's classmate and is in the tennis team with Mitsuki.
Teruki Koike (小池 輝樹, Koike Teruki)
Played by Fuuto Takahashi[6]
Teruki is a third year student who Rin has feelings for. He is part of the soccer team and was also elected as student council president. His dream is to become a soccer player.


Following Idol × Warrior Miracle Tunes!, Magimajo Pures! is the second installment of the Girls x Heroine series directed by Takashi Miike.[1][15][16] The title was trademarked on November 21, 2017.[17] The cast members were chosen from TV Drama Girls Audition in the summer of 2017.[18] The series' name and cast members Yuki Miyoshi, Momoka Sumitani, and Misaki Tsuruya, were first announced on during the show's debut showcase on January 30, 2018.[4] Youka Ogawa was later announced as a cast member in June 2018, while Kurea Masuda was revealed as the final cast member on August 25, 2018.[12] The dances are choreographed by EXPG Studio.[19][1] Prior to being cast, Momoka Sumitani, Youka Ogawa, and Kurea Masuda were part of EXPG Studio's female U-14 trainee group, Kizzy.[20][21]

A toy line was produced by Takara Tomy, featuring magical items, accessories, and costumes from the show. The show was advertised with the catchphrase, "Open the Majoka World! Purelize with sparkling magic!!" (オープン・ザ・マジョカワールド!きらめく魔法でピュアライズ!!)[1]

During the show's run, Yuki Miyoshi, Momoka Sumitani, Misaki Tsuruya, Youka Ogawa, and Kurea Masuda performed as their characters at events[22] and released music under the name Magical² (stylized as magical² and pronounced "magical magical").[23] The first opening theme song, "Ai ni Tsuite", was first performed at Miracle²'s final concert tour in March 2018.[24] Along with performing songs featured in the show, Magical² also performed "Fure Fure", the theme song for Alvark Tokyo for their 2018-2019 basketball season.[25]


Magical × Heroine Magimajo Pures! was broadcast weekly from April 1, 2018 on TV Tokyo at 9:00 AM and BS TV Tokyo at 10:00 AM. Episodes were also uploaded onto Takara Tomy's YouTube channel one week after its original broadcast date, with each new episode available worldwide for up to one week.[26] Episodes were also screened with English subtitles under the name Magical × Heroine Magimajo Pures! at Chara Expo USA 2018.[3]

Asaka Uchida, Suzuka Adachi, Yuzuha Oda, Rina Usukura, and Mio Nishiyama reprised their roles from Idol × Warrior Miracle Tunes! in episode 6. Sasuke Ohtsuru and Takumi also reprised their roles from Idol × Warrior Miracle Tunes! in episode 16.

No. Title Director Writer Original air date
1"The Birth of the Magical Heroines, Magimajo Pures!"
"Mahō Senshi Majimajo Pyuāzu! Tanjō" (魔法戦士マジマジョピュアーズ!誕生)
Takashi MiikeHisako FujihiraApril 1, 2018 (2018-04-01)
On her first day of school, Momoka witnesses Rin and Mitsuki fighting an Akiramest and meets Mokonyan, who leads her to Tiara. After Momoka receives a Majoka Porte, Muritaro turns Moe's ballet teacher (Akina Minami[6]) into an Akiramest, Murimurina. Momoka joins Rin and Mitsuki by transforming and defeating her, recovering the Float Topaz (フワフワトパーズ, Fuwafuwa Topāzu).
2"Magic Lessons, Start!"
"Mahō Ressun Sutāto!" (魔法レッスンスタート!)
Takashi MiikeHisako FujihiraApril 8, 2018 (2018-04-08)
Momoka learns about the Magical World and practices using the Float Topaz. At school, Mudako turns third-year Teruki of the school's soccer team into the Akiramest Yarukineriga. Momoka uses the Float Topaz to stop his attack before the Magimajo Pures purelize him, recovering the Reality Garnet (ホンモノガーネット, Honmono Gānetto).
3"Turning the Manga World into Reality!?"
"Manga no Sekai ga Honmono ni!?" (まんがの世界がホンモノに!?)
Kenshi YokoiKana MatsuiApril 15, 2018 (2018-04-15)
Rin finds out that Kaito's mother, Marin Odawara (Ryoko Yuui), is the author of her favorite manga series, Super Spy Vanilla Dessert. He invites her to his house to meet her, but Damenojo turns Marin into the Akiramest Yatterareka. Rin is reluctant to hurt her, but Momoka uses the Reality Garnet to bring forth a weapon from Marin's manga, which is used to defeat her. The Magimajo Pures purelize her, recovering the Lovely Opal (ラブリーオパール, Raburī Opāru).
4"Excitement! Momoka Purelizes By Herself!"
"Dokidoki! Momoka Hitori de Pyuaraizu!" (ドキドキ!モモカひとりでピュアライズ!)
Kenshi YokoiMao AokiApril 22, 2018 (2018-04-22)
Momoka decides to join the Newspaper Club. After school, Muritaro turns a police officer into the Akiramest Futodokimon. With everyone else busy with school clubs, Momoka fights Futodokimon alone even though her magic is weak. However, with determination to save the police officer, she purelizes him, recovering the Speech Garnet (オシャベリガーネット, Oshaberi Gānetto).
5"Happy Flower Circles with the Magic of Flowers!"
"Ohana no Mahō de Happī Hana Maru!" (お花の魔法でハッピー花マル!)
Ryusuke KurahashiMao AokiApril 29, 2018 (2018-04-29)
Mudako turns a guitarist (Erica Tonooka) into the Akiramest Yakamashi, and convinces her that no one will enjoy her music. Momoka uses the Speech Garnet on her guitar, who convinces the guitarist not to give up. The Magi Majo Pures purelize her, recovering the Speed Emerald (スピードエメラルド, Supīdo Emerarudo).
6"Miracle² Have Arrived!"
"Mirakuru Mirakuru ga Yattekita!" (ミラクルミラクルがやって来た!)
Kenshi YokoiKana MatsuiMay 6, 2018 (2018-05-06)
Miracle² is invited to lead Momoka's physical education class. Muritaro turns Sara, a classmate who dreams of becoming an idol, into the Akiramest Muricle². While Miracle² supports them in secret, the Magimajo Pures defeat her in a dance and song battle with the Speed Emerald, recovering the Big Aquamarine (ビッグアクアマリン, Biggu Akuamarin).
7"Achieve the Dream! A Heated Election"
"Yume wo Kachitore! Atsu~i Senkyō" (夢を勝ち取れ!アツ〜い選挙)
Kenichiro NishiumiKana MatsuiMay 13, 2018 (2018-05-13)
Rin gets roped into helping out Machiko Nagata (Nana Mori), an excitable third year student running for student council president. Mudako turns Nagata into the Akiramest Monkuarukaicho. Rin uses the Big Aquamarine to amplify her voice and defeat her, recovering the Invisible Ametrine (トーメイアメトリン, Tōmei Ametorin). Nagata loses to Teruki, but she remains passionate about helping out the school.
8"A Great Battle with the Jama Baron!"
"Jama Danshaku to Daisakusen!" (邪魔男爵と大決戦!)
Kenichiro NishiumiHisako FujihiraMay 20, 2018 (2018-05-20)
The Jama Baron's son, Jamahiko, gives the Jama Baron a bazooka that will destroy the world. The Magimajo Pures approach him and use the Invisible Ametrine to elude his attacks, but they fail to purelize him. The Jama Baron uses the bazooka, but he discovers it has been rigged and it explodes on him. Meanwhile, Jamahiko usurps his throne with his servant, Shiori.
9"The Mysterious Girl, Shiori"
"Nazo no Shōjo Shiori" (謎の少女 シオリ)
Hideyuki YamamotoMao AokiMay 27, 2018 (2018-05-27)
While Shiori is on a date with Muritaro, she turns Kaoru (Ryoko Kobayashi), a nail artist, into the Akiramest Mendokusain. Mitsuki, who had planned on visiting the salon, battles her and uses the Fashion Aquamarine (オシャレアクアマリン, Oshare Akuamarin) to remind her of the excitement she felt from helping others look their best. She purelizes her and recovers the Laughing Tourmaline (ゲラゲラトルマリン, Geragera Torumarin).
10"Laughing Showdown! Laugh and You Lose"
"Waratte Kaiketsu! Kyōiku Jisshū" (笑って解決!教育実習)
Hideyuki YamamotoMao AokiJune 3, 2018 (2018-06-03)
Momoka's class gets a student teacher, Naoto Sato (Yuki Morinaga), who makes terrible jokes to compensate for his shyness. Mudako turns him into the Akiramest Kudaranessu. Momoka uses the Change Tanzanite and the Laughing Tourmaline to distract the teachers under Kudaranessu's control and purelizes him, recovering the Bubble Quartz (バブルクォーツ, Baburu Kuōtsu). Shiori, who had been observing from afar, decides to approach Momoka.
11"Mitsuki's Smash! Aiming to be the Ace"
"Mitsuki no Sumasshu! Ēsu wo Nerae" (ミツキのスマッシュ!エースをねらえ)
Kenshi YokoiKana MatsuiJune 10, 2018 (2018-06-10)
Tiara tells the 3 grisl that there is a warrior with the Star and Moon power. Listening, Mitsuki begins to worry about Shiori. The next day, Momoka goes to a tennis match where she'll support Mitsuki who is participating. On the way, Momoka meets Shiori, believing that Shiori is lying she befriends her. Meanwhile in the match venue, Mitsuki's opponent Midoriko Chouno turns into an Akiramest Zetsubou Fujin. Momoka and Rin hurry to the venue to Pure Rise the Akiramest and recover the Sneezing Ametrine (くしゃみアメトリン, Kushami Ametorin).
12"The Targeted Heart Ruby"
"Nerawareta Hāto Rubī" (狙われたハートルビー)
Kenichiro NishiumiKana MatsuiJune 17, 2018 (2018-06-17)
Momoka is searching for her new friend Shiori's necklace, Shiori didn't search because it would take a lifetime to search for it. However, it was all a lie because Shiori is secretly aiming for Momoka's heart ruby. Rin is concerned about Momoka searching for it but due to excessive worrying she breaks out with a flu the next day. When Rin visits the hospital she meets nurse Naoko Shirai who has been turned into an Akiramest Tsukarerushi. Rin uses the Sneezing Ametrine to make her sneeze. She purelizes her and recovers the Karukaru Tourmaline (カルカルトルマリン, Karukaru Torumarin).
13"A New Magical Heroine Appears?!"
"Arata na Mahō Senshi Tōjō!?" (新たな魔法戦士登場!?)
Hideyuki YamamotoMao AokiJune 24, 2018 (2018-06-24)
After Momoka gives her a friendship bracelet, Shiori turns a firefighter (Suzunosuke) into the Akiramest Kowagari. Momoka uses the Heavy Tourmaline and the Light Tourmaline to stop him, purelizing him to recover the Bye Bye Emerald (バイバイエメラルド, Baibai Emerarudo). The magic from the bracelet, coming from Momoka's belief in their friendship, prevents Shiori from attacking her. As she recovers part of her memories, the Magimajo Pures discover she was a Magical Heroine, but she flees and has Jamahiko suppress her memories.
14"The Star and Moon Magical Heroine"
"Sutā Ando Mūn no Mahō Senshi" (スターアンドムーンの魔法戦士)
Ryusuke KurahashiHisako FujihiraJuly 1, 2018 (2018-07-01)
The Magimajo Pures confront Shiori, but she is too powerful to defeat. When Momoka's friendship bracelet prevents Shiori from attacking, the Magimajo Pures purelize her, reverting her back to her original form and freeing Lalanyan.
15"The Mysterious Hottie: Masahiko Appears!"
"Nazo no Ikemen Masahiko Tōjō!" (謎のイケメン・正彦登場!)
Ryusuke KurahashiHisako FujihiraJuly 8, 2018 (2018-07-08)
Momoka has successfully Pure Rised Shiori and Shiori joins Wind of Dreams Middle School. There, Masahiko Makabe a handsome senior has come. Almost immediately, Masahiko is popular in the school. Meanwhile, Momoka and the others visit a bakery during their social studies tour. However, the store manager has turned into an Akiramest Yakeppanchi. The 4 have their first battle together. They all use their powers to purelize him, recovering the Telepathy Moon (テレパシームーン, Terepashī Mūn)
16"Shiori Becomes a Supermodel?!"
"Shiori, Sūpā Moderu ni!?" (シオリ、スーパーモデルに!?)
Ryusuke KurahashiHisako FujihiraJuly 15, 2018 (2018-07-15)
Kojiro scouts Shiori to become a model, but Mudako turns him into the Akiramest Meiwaku Artist and causes him to attack Sawanobori. Shiori purelizes him, recovering the Dancing Tanzanite (ダンシングタンザナイト, Danshingu Tanzanaito). She later turns down becoming a model, as protecting dreams with the Magimajo Pures is more important.
17"Momoka, a Happy, Exciting Birthday!"
"Momoka, Genki Morimori Bāsudē!" (モモカ、元気もりもりバースデー!)
Kenichiro NishiumiMao AokiJuly 22, 2018 (2018-07-22)
Today is Momoka's birthday! She's thrilled about going to a barbecue with her family, so she doesn't eat anything since morning! Hungry, she goes to the barbecue shop with her family! But, the store owner has been turned into an akiramest Nikutarashii by Dame Nojou! In order to be able to eat the deliciously grilled meat, Momoka has to fight with full power and recover the Teleport Opal (テレポートオパール, Terepōto Opāru)!
18"Dreams on the Stars of the Night Sky..."
"Yozora no Hoshi ni Yume wo Nosete..." (夜空の星に夢を乗せて…)
Kenichiro NishiumiMao AokiJuly 29, 2018 (2018-07-29)
Masahiko-senpai who has newly joined the newspaper club teaches Momoka, Shiori, Sumire and Kaito in the astronomy room. However, Kaito's cousin who is the guide there is turned into an Akiramest Arienaimon. The students who are in the classroom panic and Shiori Pure Rises alone, recovering the See-Through Quartz (シースルークォーツ, Shīsurū Ku~ōtsu).
19"Exciting, Thrilling Athletics!"
"Dokidoki Wakuwaku Asurechikku!" (ドキドキわくわくアスレチック!)
Hideyuki YamamotoKana MatsuiAugust 5, 2018 (2018-08-05)
The 4 members of MagiMajo Pures go out with Momoka's family for athletics. Mitsuki is excited about her first athletics! But, Momoka's father's juniors, a couple Minoru and Yui are turned into Akiramests Tokimekanain. At that time, Momoka meets Masahiko. Not only that, but her Majoka Porte makes a sound warning her about the Akiramest. Momoka uses the Dancing Tanzanite to purelize them, recovering the Comedic Tourmaline (コメディトルマリン, Komedi Torumarin).
20"Not Afraid of Ghosts?!"
"Obake Nante Kowakunai!?" (お化けなんて怖くない!?)
Hideyuki YamamotoKana MatsuiAugust 12, 2018 (2018-08-12)
The 4 members of MagiMajo Pures go to the mansion of famous horror writer, Sagawa Kou. Listening to the rumours that ghosts will pop out, Mitsuki becomes scared. Meanwhile, the Majoka Porte is stolen from the girls by Muri Tarou who came to the mansion under the orders of Jama Hiko. The 4 girls purelize him and recover the Small Aquamarine (小さなアクアマリン, Chīsana Akuamarin).
21"Yukata House Party!"
"Yukata de Hōmu Pātī!" (浴衣でホームパーティー!)
Hideyuki YamamotoYuya NakazonoAugust 19, 2018 (2018-08-19)
A house party is held at Momoka's home. Using the fashion aquamarine, Rin, Mitsuki and Shiori transform into cute Yukata's. Masahiko also comes and Momoka's heart pounds. Meanwhile, Sumire, Momoka's little sister, has her friend turned into an Akiramest Moiyo. The 4 Pure Rise the Akiramest and recover the Inverted Topaz (逆トパーズ, Gyaku Topāzu).
22"Be Careful of the Ninja's Traps!"
"Ninja no Wana ni Goyōshin!" (忍者のワナにご用心!)
Kenshi YokoiYuya NakazonoAugust 26, 2018 (2018-08-26)
Momoka and Mitsuki visit Mitsuki's favorite Ninja Dojo with Masahiko. The female ninja, Ichika, is turned into an akiramest Konna Monja and traps the girls one by one. Meanwhile, Masahiko secretly aims for Momoka's Majoka Porte. Mitsuki Pure Rises the Akiramest alone and recovers the Cooking Ametrine (クッキングアメトリン, Kukkingu Ametorin)!
23"The Majoka Porte Disappeared"
"Kieta Majoka Porute" (消えたマジョカポルテ)
Kenshi YokoiYuya NakazonoSeptember 2, 2018 (2018-09-02)
Momoka is depressed after losing her Majoka Porte, Rin uses the comedic tourmaline to cheer her up but fails. Instead, she invites her to the science museum. But the director is turned into an Akiramest Gakkurija, on behalf of Momoka who can't transform, Rin Pure Rises the Akiramest by herself and recovers the Honsety Tanzanite (正直タンザナイト, Shōjiki Tanzanaito).
24"Big Trouble in the Calligraphy Room!"
"Shodō Kyōshitsu de Dai Pinchi!" (書道教室で大ピンチ!)
Kenshi YokoiMao AokiSeptember 9, 2018 (2018-09-09)
Together with her mother, Momoka goes to a calligraphy classroom. However, the calligraphy teacher turns into an Akiramest Hetappi! In addition, Momoka lost her Majoka Porte and she can't transform! Lucky for her, another Magimajo Pure arrived and purelize the Akiramest, recovering the Candy Tourmaline (キャンディトルマリン, Kyandi Torumarin)
25"The Magical Heroine, Yuria, Appears!"
"Mahō Senshi Yuria Tōjō!" (魔法戦士ユリア登場!)
Shōri HiranoHisako FujihiraSeptember 16, 2018 (2018-09-16)
It was Yuria who saved Momoka who was in trouble because she couldn't transform. Yuria is the 5th MagiMajo Pures, she came in order to protect the Magic World. On the other hand, the girls are busy at the crepe shop preparing for the cultural festival. But the older girl who was teaching them gets turned into an Akiramest Hottoite Kureepu. The MagiMajo Pures Pure Rise the Akiramest and recover the Good Person Garnet (グッドパーソンガーネット, Guddo Pāson Gānetto).
26"A Discovery! Masahiko's True Form!"
"Hakkaku! Masahiko-senpai no Shōtai!" (発覚!正彦先輩の正体!)
Shōri HiranoKana MatsuiSeptember 23, 2018 (2018-09-23)
Shiori has been decided to play Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet" in their school festival, but there are disturbing signs from Romeo who is played by Masahiko. Listening, Momoka and Rin are worried about Momoka. On the cultural festival, Wakiko who is standing on the same stage as Shiori is turned into an Akiramest Medatachi Garietto. Wakiko is now manipulated by someone and Shiori is in a big pinch! Shiori purelizes him and recovers the Onaoshi Tanzanite (オナオシタンザナイト, Onaoshi Tanzanaito).
27"The Strongest! Yuria and the Majoka Iris"
"Saikyō! Yuria to Majoka Airisu" (最強!ユリアとマジョカアイリス)
Ryusuke KurahashiHisako FujihiraSeptember 30, 2018 (2018-09-30)
One day, Yuria gets a flower from a street performer named, Tarou Fuusen. Yuria has come to the human world to experience it for the first time, happily she's learning more about it. However, the street performer is turned into an Akiramest Dainashigeenin by the Nuisance Troupe. Yuria Pure Rises the Akiramest by herself. The 5th Magic Warrior has overwhelming power and also has the strongest magic!
28"With the Powers of Five! Confront Jamahiko"
"Go-nin no Chikara de! Jamahiko to Taiketsu" (5人の力で!邪魔彦と対決)
Ryusuke KurahashiHisako FujihiraOctober 7, 2018 (2018-10-07)
In front of Momoka, Jama Hiko appears suddenly. Momoka wants to hear Masahiko's true feelings, but the kind senior was no longer there. The other 4 warriors hurry over! The 4 fight Jama Hiko to get out of the human world, only Momoka believes Jama Hiko can be Pure Rised and can recover the Memorial Topaz (メモリアルトパーズ, Memoriaru Topāzu).
29"Magical Halloween Night"
"Majikaru Harouin Naito" (マジカル☆ハロウィンナイト)
Shōri HiranoYuya NakazonoOctober 14, 2018 (2018-10-14)
While the Magimajo Pures prepare a Halloween party at Tiara's jewelry shop, a pumpkin swallows Momoka, Rin, Mitsuki, and Shiori, teleporting them into the Akiramerld.
30"The Magimajo Pures are Trapped!"
"Torawareta Majimajo Pyuāzu!" (とらわれたマジマジョピュアーズ!)
Kenshi YokoiKana MatsuiOctober 21, 2018 (2018-10-21)
Yuria is unable to rescue the Magimajo Pures from the Akiramerld unless they weaken the barrier. In the library, an Akiramest tempts Rin to remain there reading books. With the Akiramest's mirror, Rin remembers that her friends abandoned her for reading instead of spending time with them. Upon realizing that Mitsuki had supported Rin to become a Magical Heroine, Rin finds and purelizes the Akiramest, awakening to her proof of knowledge on the Majoka Iris.
31"Believe in Your Friends! A New Power"
"Nakama wo Shinjite! Arata na Pawā" (仲間を信じて!新たなパワー)
Kenshi YokoiKana MatsuiOctober 28, 2018 (2018-10-28)
An Akiramest challenges Mitsuki to a sports match in exchange for her freedom. Mitsuki stops her from cheating, but the Akiramest exploits her fear of darkness. Meanwhile, Shiori is tricked with an illusion of Momoka abandoning her and her own self telling her that she is alone. When both of them remember to trust in their friendship with the Magimajo Pures, they both awaken to their proofs of courage and friendship, purelizing the Akiramests.
32"Awakening! Momoka's Heart Ruby"
"Kakusei! Momoka no Hāto Rubī" (覚醒!モモカのハートルビー)
Ryusuke KurahashiMao AokiNovember 3, 2018 (2018-11-03)
Jamahiko persuades Momoka to stay to build their ideal world together. When she rejects him, her Heart Ruby changes into the Royal Heart Ruby. Yuria intervenes to save the four Magimajo Pures and informs them that they can attain Royal Form by combining the Majoka Iris with the Royal Heart Ruby now that all four have awakened to stronger magic. As they confront Jamahiko, the Magimajo Pures transform into their Royal Form.
33"Battle Royale! Purelize with the Royal Form"
"Daisakusen! Roiyaru Fōmu de Pyuaraizu" (大決戦!ロイヤルフォームでピュアライズ)
Ryusuke KurahashiMao AokiNovember 11, 2018 (2018-11-11)
The Magimajo Pures transform into Royal Form, but Jamahiko still overwhelms them. With the Memorial Topaz and the Mirage Ametrine, Yuria reveals that Jamahiko used to be human who was kidnapped by Gran Ma. In order to free him from evil, the Magimajo Pures purelize him, and he disappears.
34"A New Enemy: Gran Ma Appears!"
"Arata na Teki: Guran Ma Tōjō!" (新たな敵・グラン魔登場!)
Kentaro NishiumiYuya NakazonoNovember 18, 2018 (2018-11-18)
Distraught with Jamahiko's defeat, his grandmother, Gran Ma, takes over the Jamajama-dan to get revenge. A wedding planner is turned into the Special Akiramest Mukka, who irritates the Magimajo Pures. Momoka, who is unaffected, frees everyone with the Good Person Garnet, and they use their Royal Form to defeat Mukka and recover the Transformation Opal (ヘンシンオパール, Henshin Opāru).
35"Adult Momoka, Sneaking Into a Club!"
"Otona Momoka, Kurabi ni Sennyu!" (大人モモカ、クラブに潜入!)
Kenichiro NishiumiMao AokiNovember 25, 2018 (2018-11-25)
Momoka's mother, Ririka, runs into Ryohei Daimon (Daimaou Kosaka), a friend who had once confessed to her. Curious about their relationship, Momoka uses the Transformation Opal and Fashion Aquamarine to change into an adult and sneak into the club Ryohei is DJing at. However, he is turned into the Special Akiramest, Messo. The Magimajo Pures purelize him and recover the Translation Ametrine (ホンヤクアメトリン, Honyaku Ametorin).
36"Magi Majo VS Beautiful Witch!"
"Maji Majo VS Bimajo!" (マジマジョVS美魔女!)
Shōri HiranoKana MatsuiDecember 2, 2018 (2018-12-02)
Ririka attends a skincare consultation with a celebrity beautician, Madame Rurudo (Haruna Ai), but Rurudo is turned into the Special Akiramest, Madame Ira. Yuria uses the Reverse Opal to turn her attack against her while Momoka uses the Baby Ametrine to help Madame Ira look young again. The two defeat her to recover the Illustration Garnet (イラストガーネット, Irasuto Gānetto). Yuria senses a magical aura from Ririka.
37"A Discovery! Momoka's Secret"
"Hakkaku! Momoka no Himitsu" (発覚!モモカの秘密)
Yuya NakazonoKana MatsuiDecember 9, 2018 (2018-12-09)
Momoka's father's cooking teacher, Hayashimori (Masataka Kubota[27]), is turned into the Special Akiramest, Darru, who, along with his students, puts all the Magimajo Pures except for Yuria into a stupor. Ririka intervenes, causing Makoto to intercept an attack meant for Momoka and bringing her back to reality. The Magimajo Pures purelize Darru to recover the Slippery Opal (ツルツルオパール, Tsurutsuru Opāru). Yuria confronts Ririka, where she reveals that she used to be a Magical Heroine.
38"Happy Magical Christmas!"
"Happī Majikaru Kurisumasu!" (ハッピー♡マジカルクリスマス!)
Kenshi YokoiHisako FujihiraDecember 16, 2018 (2018-12-16)
While helping out Yumenokaze Kindergarten with their Christmas party, the principal is turned into the Special Akiramest, Yada. The Magimajo Pures purelize him and recover the Snow Emerald (スノーエメラルド, Sunō Emerarudo). Gran Ma and the Jamajama-dan arrive, but the children's strong belief in Santa causes him to appear, taking a smitten Gran Ma away with him.
39"My Mom is a Magical Heroine?!"
"Okāsan ga Mahō Senshi!?" (お母さんが魔法戦士!?)
Kenshi YokoiKana MatsuiDecember 23, 2018 (2018-12-23)
Tiara tells Ririka that because Momoka has the Royal Heart Ruby, she plans on nominating her to become the Majoka Princess at the next council meeting. Ririka decides to reveal herself to the Magimajo Pures as a former Magical Heroine from the Magical World, aware that Momoka had become one from the beginning. Momoka is overwhelmed at first, but she decides to get to know her mother better.
40"A Majoka Princess is Born?!"
"Tanjō!? Majoka Purinsesu" (誕生!?マジョカプリンセス)
Ryusuke KurahashiYuya NakazonoJanuary 6, 2019 (2019-01-06)
The Magimajo Pures spy on the council meeting, where Tiara nominates Momoka to be the next Majoka Princess. The Jama Baron, alive, works on returning to the Jamajama-dan.
41"Yuria Found What She Loves!"
"Yuria no Daisuki, Mitsuketa!" (ユリアの大好き、見つけた!)
Ryusuke KurahashiYuya NakazonoJanuary 13, 2019 (2019-01-13)
Yuria explores town to find a hobby like the Magimajo Pures and becomes fascinated with ramen. Damenojo turns the shop owner into the Akiramest, Akiramen. She purelizes him, recovering the Handsome Moonstone (イケメンムーンストーン, Ikemen Mūnsutōn).
42"Go For it! Rin's Manga Journey"
"Mezase! Rin no Manga Michi" (目指せ!リンのマンガ道)
Shori HiranoMao AokiJanuary 20, 2019 (2019-01-20)
Kaito wins an art contest and introduces Rin to his mother's editor, Imai. Rin creates a manuscript and submits it to Imai, but Muritaro turns Imai into the Akiramest, Shimekiri Girigiri. Rin purelizes her to recover the Lucky Emerald (ラッキーエメラルド, Rakkī Emerarudo). Later, she withdraws her manuscript, guilty over creating it using Kaito's drawing skills with the Transformation Opal. However, Kaito offers to partner up her to produce manga.
43"Mitsuki, a Dance Challenge!"
"Mitsuki, Dansu ni Chōsen!" (ミツキ、ダンスに挑戦!)
Shori HiranoMao AokiJanuary 27, 2019 (2019-01-27)
Mitsuki, Moe, and Nanami enter a dance contest, but Nanami has no confidence and wants to give up. Their dance teacher, Gonzalez Maeda, is turned into the Akiramest Aburagisshu. Mitsuki purelizes him, recovering the Time Machine Topaz (タイムマシントパーズ, Taimu Mashin Topāzu)
44"The Jama Baron Has Returned!"
"Kaettekita Jama Danshaku!" (帰ってきた邪魔男爵!)
Kenshi YokoiHisako FujihiraFebruary 3, 2019 (2019-02-03)
Momoka, Rin, and Mitsuki are appointed as guidance counselors for the new teachers, who are the Jamajama-dan in disguise. When they reveal themselves, they turn Mr. Omachi into the Akiramest Omito Oshi, causing the school to panic. The Majimajo Pures purelize him, recovering the Search Opal (オサガシオパール, Osagashi Opāru).
45"Let's Go, Baby! Momoka VS Damenojo"
"Ikuze Beibī! Momoka VS Damenojō" (行くぜベイビー!モモカVSダメ之丞)
Kenshi YokoiKana MatsuiFebruary 10, 2019 (2019-02-10)
Damenojo remembers his human life, where he used to be an apprentice at a sweets shop. Recalling that his master used to criticize him and discourage him, he visits the sweet shop and puts his master under control. When Momoka confronts him, she helps him realize his dream of becoming a pastry chef and purelizes him, turning his Akirame Stone into an Akiramenai Stone.
46"Mudako: The Time Capsule of Promises"
"Mudako Yakusoku no Taimu Kapuseru" (ムダ子・約束のタイムカプセル)
Shori HiranoHisako FujihiraFebruary 17, 2019 (2019-02-17)
Mudako remembers that as a human, she and her friend, Nobuko, hid a time capsule, only to find that Nobuko never returned to help her unearth it. Shiori reminds Mudako of their friendship, and, with the Speech Garnet, finds the time capsule with Nobuko's letter. Shiori purelizes Mudako, turning her Akirame Stone into an Akiramenai Stone, and she reunites with Nobuko.
47"Smile, Muritaro"
"Waratte Muritaro" (笑って・ムリ太郎)
Kenichiro NishiumiYuya NakazonoFebruary 24, 2019 (2019-02-24)
Muritaro remembers that as a human, he gave up his dream of becoming a comedian and attacks a comedy act out of resentment. The Magimajo Pures help him remember his dream and purelize him, turning his Akirame Stone into an Akiramenai Stone.
48"Now, to the Magical World!"
"Iza! Mahōkai e" (いざ!魔法界へ)
Kenshi YokoiKana MatsuiMarch 3, 2019 (2019-03-03)
Momoka's classmates have started giving up on their dreams. The Jama Baron activates the Impureler, which will cause the Magic and Real Worlds to merge, and to prevent this, Magimajo Pures set out to the Magical World. However, Momoka must decide between staying in the human world or staying in the Magical World forever as the new Majoka Princess.
49"The Final Decisive Battle with the Jama Emperor!"
"Jama Taitei to no Saishū Kessen!" (邪魔大帝との最終決戦!)
Ryusuke KurahashiMao AokiMarch 10, 2019 (2019-03-10)
The Jama Baron, who has upgraded into the Jama Emperor, transports the Magimajo Pures to his castle, and the other girls remain to fight while Momoka goes to the Magical World. However, she decides to turn back, only to find out that the Jama Emperor has defeated and captured them.
50"Sparkling Magic Purelize!"
"Kirameku Mahō de Pyuaraizu!" (きらめく魔法でピュアライズ!)
Ryusuke KurahashiMao AokiMarch 17, 2019 (2019-03-17)
Jamahiko intervenes to rescue Momoka and reminds her of the bonds she has with her friends. Momoka awakens them, and as they battle, she fails to purelize the Jama Emperor, and he uses the Impureler to activate a missile to strike them. With help from the former Jamajama-dan, who throw their Akiramenai Stones to destroy the Impureler, the Magimajo Pures purelize the Jama Emperor.
51"Magimajo Pures! are Forever"
"Majimajo Pyuāzu! wa Eien ni" (マジマジョピュアーズ!は永遠に)
Kenshi Yokoi, Ryusuke KurahashiHisako FujihiraMarch 24, 2019 (2019-03-24)
After the Jama Emperor has been defeated, everyone moves on with their lives and dreams. Momoka is crowned the new Majoka Princess in the Magical World and must stay there forever. However, she rejoins her friends in the Human World after using the Copy Moonstone to clone herself.



Studio albums[edit]

Title Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Oricon Billboard Japan
Magical Best: Complete Magical² Songs 2019 4[28] 3[29] 18,883+[29]
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.

Extended plays[edit]

Title Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Oricon Billboard Japan
Harerusa (晴れるさ☀) 2018 8[30] 9[31] 13,074+[31]
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
Oricon Weekly Hot 100
"Ai ni Tsuite / Cho Lucky" (愛について♡/超ラッキー☆)[a] 2018 6[33][23] 33[34][a] 15,163+[35] Magical Best: Complete Magical² Songs
"Harerusa" (晴れるさ☀)[36] Harerusa
"Mirumiru: Mirai Mieru" (ミルミル ~未来ミエル~) 5[37] 31[38] 18,805+[39] Magical Best: Complete Magical² Songs
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.
Promotional singles[edit]
Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
Oricon Weekly Hot 100
"Fure Fure" (フレフレ)[40] 2018 Magical Best: Complete Magical² Songs
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


Magic x Warrior Magimajo Pures!: Magical na Mainichi (魔法×戦士 マジマジョピュアーズ! 〜マジカルな毎日〜) is illustrated by Yuuki Harami and ran in Pucchigumi starting from the May 2018 issue.[41]

Other media[edit]

Momoka's Magical Heroine outfit was made available in the game Kiratto Pri Chan for the characters Mirai, Emo and Rinka through a card exclusively released in Pucchigumi on December 27, 2018.[42]


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