Magician from Mars

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Magician from Mars
Title from Amazing-Man Comics #11 (April 1940)
Art by John Giunta and Michael Mirando
Publication information
PublisherCentaur Publications
First appearanceAmazing-Man Comics #7 (November 1939)
Created byJohn Giunta
Malcolm Kildale
In-story information
Alter egoJane 6EM35

The Magician from Mars is a Golden Age superheroine created by John Giunta and Malcolm Kildale for Centaur Publications' Amazing-Man Comics.[1] She's a half-human/half-Martian who gains superpowers, including telekinesis and the ability to wish things into existence, after accidentally being exposed to cathode rays. After traveling to Earth, she decides to use them for crime-fighting, fighting villains such as the Hood.[2]

She was first published in 1939, predating other Golden Age superheroines such as Fantomah and Wonder Woman.[3]


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