Magik (series)

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Magik (Series)
Compilation album by DJ Tiësto
Released 1997–2001
Genre Trance
Label Black Hole Recordings

Magik is the title given to a trance mix-compilation series by Tiësto. The series, which has had seven installments starting in 1997 and ending in 2001, has been released by Tiësto on Black Hole Recordings. Tiësto released his own Artist Profile Series DJ Mix in 2000 with Magik Four: A New Adventure; Black Hole CD 07 is the only CD which is also released in the Artist Profile Series, after the four first Magik CDs were re-released in 2000 with new artwork. The sleeves on the first copies were replaced because of unauthorized use of Patrick Woodroffe's artwork.[1]


There have been seven installments in the Magik series.