Magliozzi Crime Family

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The Magliozzi Crime Family are fictional characters in Frank Miller's Sin City series, appearing in Family Values. They control the Cosa Nostra in the titular city. They are led by Don Giacco Magliozzi and based at the Magliozzi Mansion (located in Sacred Oaks).

Known members[edit]

  • Vito, a mobster who kills Bruno and (accidentally) Carmen in Family Values. Forced to shoot his brother Lucca. Drives Dwight and Miho to the home of his uncle, Don Giacco Magliozzi.
  • Spinelli, short Mafia muscle. Wears a hooded coat similar to a slicker. The first of Vito's thugs to be killed by Miho.
  • Luca, Vito's brother and one of Magliozzi's hitmen.
  • Vinnie, Mafia muscle. He is incredibly racist, especially towards Japanese.
  • Don Giacco Magliozzi, leader of the local Mafia, residing in Sacred Oaks. He is main antagonist Herr Alarich Wallenquist's sworn enemy. The prostitute Daisy kills him at the conclusion of Family Values.