Magnús Magnússon (strongman)

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Not to be confused with strongman Magnús Ver Magnússon. For other people named Magnús Magnússon, see Magnus Magnusson (disambiguation)
Magnús Magnússon
Born Iceland Iceland
Occupation Strongman
Relatives Benedikt Magnússon (brother) [1]
Competition record
Representing  Iceland
Iceland's Strongest Man
2nd 2001
1st 2002
Iceland's Strongest Viking
3rd 2002
2nd 2005
IFSA Strongman World Team Championships
4th 2005 Team Scandinavia
IFSA Nordic Championships
10th 2005

Magnús Magnússon is an Icelandic strongman competitor and former winner of Iceland's Strongest Man.

Strongman career[edit]

Magnus won the 2002 Iceland's Strongest Man contest, his career best win.[2]

Magnusson also had podium finishes in Iceland's Strongest Viking in 2002 and 2005.

Magnus is the brother of another winner of Iceland's Strongest Man, Benedikt Magnússon.[1]


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