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Also known asThe Szuters (1996-2002)
OriginLas Vegas, United States
GenresAlternative metal, hard rock
Years active2002–2010
Past membersMike Szuter
Chris Brady
Rob Kley
Charlie Smaldino
C.J. Szuter

Magna-Fi was an American rock band, which consisted of lead vocalist Mike Szuter, guitarist Christian Brady, bass guitarist Rob Kley and drummer Charlie Smaldino.


Lead vocalist Mike Szuter originally kick-started the band in Cleveland with his brother and lead guitarist, C.J. (both guitarists and vocalists, had played together since they were 10 and 11 years old), gathering a local following across Ohio performing as Outta The Blue at first then as the Szuters. The band later moved west to Las Vegas and met the other half of the band in Las Vegas. Drummer Charlie Smaldino and Bassist/vocalist Rob Kley had played off and on with Each other in Las Vegas, they later changed their name to Magna-Fi. Not immune to the struggles facing any young band, Magna-Fi soon suffered the fallout from a record deal with Gold Circle that went south. The band later signed to EMI Music Marketing-distributed Aezra Records in 2003.

When the Las Vegas-based quartet of hard and heavy alt-rockers known as Magna-Fi opened for Puddle Of Mudd at The Joint at The Hard Rock in late 2003, the Las Vegas Sun called them "the show's chief revelation." The paper added, "The band served up its brand of thunderous music with great energy, sounding more like the future of heavy rock than its past." Influenced by bands ranging from Cheap Trick and the Beatles to Alice In Chains and Failure, Magna-Fi's alt-metal skewed debut album on Aezra/EMI, Burn Out The Stars, was produced by Paul Lani (Megadeth, Failure, Mötley Crüe).

In 2004, Magna-Fi appeared on the weekly concert series in Buffalo, New York Thursday at the Square along with Fuel and Seven Day Faith. The band at that time for 2 months was direct support for Fuel. In the same year, they appeared on the second stage of the annual festival tour Ozzfest along with Slipknot, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Lacuna Coil, Every Time I Die, Unearth, God Forbid, Otep, Devildriver, Throwdown, Darkest Hour. Afterwards the band headlined their own tour and became direct support for Sevendust for months after. Magna-Fi managed to save the day for a huge returning home for vets show in North Carolina, after a sudden Sevendust cancellation. Sevendust feared another Dimebag Darrell from Damageplan shooting.

At the end of a tour in 2006, they were talking with Aezra about recording the next album, but this conversation ended with the band and the label parting ways, and the band decided to record their next album on their own. This also marked the exit of C.J. Szuter and the entrance of guitarist and vocalist Chris Brady, another Las Vegas native and long time friend of the band. The new album, VerseChorusKillMe, was recorded and mixed by the band itself. It is all of the things they ever thought an album should be.

In 2010, Charlie Smaldino the drummer decided that the Vegas lifestyle was enough and because of not playing with the Magna-Fi members for over a year, getting turned down by every record label, and the spark dying, Charlie decided to have one last show at Counts Vamp’d in Las Vegas. The group officially disbanded afterwards.

Magna-Fi was pretty bitter and broken with the music business at that point. After trying and trying from 2005-2010 to get another record deal, the music business called them used goods and the band ended. Mike Szuter, Rob Kley, and Chris Brady still remain in Las Vegas. CJ Szuter lives outside of Chicago and Charlie Smaldino lives outside of Detroit.


Past members[edit]

  • Mike Szuter (2002–2010) – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Chris Brady (2006–2010) – lead guitar
  • Charlie Smaldino (2002–2010) – drums, percussion
  • Rob Kley (2002–2010) – bass
  • C.J. Szuter (2002–2005) – lead guitar
  • John Fedevich – drums
  • Craig Martini – bass
  • Ronald DeVault – vocals


Magna-Fi has released two independent albums, as well as individual tracks for video games.

Burn Out the Stars[edit]

Burn Out the Stars
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 16, 2002
GenreAlternative metal
hard rock
LabelGold Circle then Aezra
Singles from Burn Out The Stars
  1. "Where Did We Go Wrong"
  2. "Down In It"

Burn Out The Stars is Magna-Fi's debut album, and the only one featuring guitarist C.J. Szuter.

Track listing
1."Where Did We Go Wrong"3:02
2."When I Leave You"2:44
3."Down In It"4:11
5."This Life"4:15
6."TV Killed Me"3:54
8."Seconds, Minutes, Hours"4:25
9."My Heaven"4:25
10."Bradbury Heights"4:13
11."Ex Ok (Gold Circle Records version only)"3:25


Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 02, 2007
GenreAlternative metal
hard rock
LabelNot On Label
Singles from VerseChorusKillMe
  1. "Who I Am"
  2. "Kiss It Away"
  3. "Breaking Up"
  4. "Save Me"

VerseChorusKillMe is the second and final album by Magna-Fi.

Track listing
1."Who I Am"3:26
2."Kiss It Away"3:07
3."Fall From Grace"3:40
4."Breaking Up"3:59
5."When I'm Awake"2:56
6."Fan The Flames"3:52
7."Miserable Failure"3:16
9."Dream Denied Destroyed"5:08
10."Save Me"4:17
11."Well Well"2:18

Other songs[edit]


  • Where Did We Go Wrong
  • Down In It
  • Who I Am (originally meant to be in the video game Shadow the Hedgehog)
  • Kiss It Away
  • Breaking Up
  • Save Me
  • Me the Enemy
  • Hey, Loser!

Never released songs[edit]

  • American Airtime
  • Don't Mean Nothing To Me
  • Hard To Find
  • Hearts And Minds
  • Inside The Silence
  • Kick It Out
  • P.F.I.
  • Saved The Best For Last
  • Squint


  • 2005: All Hail Shadow – released on Lost & Found: Shadow the Hedgehog Vocal Trax; pure hero story theme song on Shadow the Hedgehog. Another song titled "Who I Am" was originally recorded for the game, but was replaced by "All Hail Shadow" when Aezra prevented the song from being used in the game. The song later appear on 2007 album "VerseChorusKillMe", but had new leads recorded to replace the original, because C.J Szuter left the band and was replaced by Chris Brady.
  • 2004: NASCAR SimRacing and NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup included the song "Where Did We Go Wrong" as one of the selectable tracks. It is also in the 2005 release of the EA Sports NASCAR Racing arcade game.[1]
  • 2006: All Hail Shadow was covered by Crush 40 for the game Sonic the Hedgehog (also known as Sonic '06 or Sonic Next Gen).


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