Magnapinna sp. B

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Magnapinna sp. B
Magnapinna sp B.jpg
Specimen of Magnapinna sp. B
(95 mm ML)
Scientific classification
M. sp. B
Binomial name
Magnapinna sp. B

Magnapinna sp. B is an undescribed species of bigfin squid known only from a single immature specimen collected in the northern Atlantic Ocean. It is characterised by its dark epidermal pigmentation, which is epithelial, as opposed to the chromatophoral pigmentation found in other Magnapinna species.

The only known specimen of Magnapinna sp. B is a juvenile male of 95 mm mantle length (ML) held in the Bergen Museum. It was caught by the R/V G.O. SARS (MAR-ECO cruise super station 46, local station 374) on July 11, 2004, at 42°48′N 29°18′W / 42.8°N 29.3°W / 42.8; -29.3.


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