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Magnes (Greek: Μάγνης) was an Athenian comic poet of the 5th century BC. Magnes and his contemporary Chionides are the earliest comic poets for whom victories are recorded in the literary competition of the Dionysia festival.

Titles of his comedies:

  • Βαρβίτιδες (Barbitides), Guitarists of Barbiton
  • Βάτραχοι (Batrachoi), Frogs
  • Γαλεομυομαχία (Galeomyomachia), Battle of Cats and Mice
  • Διόνυσος (Dionysos), Dionysus
  • Λυδοί (Lydoi), Lydians
  • Ὄρνιθες (Ornithes), Birds
  • Πιτακίς ή Πυτακίδης (Pitakis or Pytakidis, related to Pita, Pytia or Pittakion, Wax tablet)
  • Ποάστρια (Poastria), Female Farm-Worker (derived from Poa)
  • Ψῆνες (Psenes), Fig wasps