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In Greek mythology, Magnes[pronunciation?] was a name attributed to two men.

  1. Magnes, son of Zeus and Thyia, daughter of Deucalion, or of Aeolus and Enarete, or of Argus (son of Phrixus) and Perimele, eponym and first king of Magnesia, and brother of Makednos. He is sometimes identified with the father of Perseus, Dictys, Polydectes, Pierus, and Eioneus by the unnamed naiad of the fountain, spring or well of the main settlement on the island of Seriphos. She emigrated with two of her sons (Dictys and Polydectes) to Seriphos. By the muse Calliope he was the father of Hymenaios. When Apollo fell in love with Hymenaios and stayed with him in the house of Magnes, Hermes stole Apollo's herd of cows.[1][2][3][4]
  2. Magnes from Zakynthos, one of the suitors of Penelope. He was killed, along with the others, by Odysseus.[5]


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