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For the 1950-51 radio program The Magnificent Montague, see Monty Woolley.

Nathaniel "Magnificent" Montague (born 1928), is an American R&B disc jockey notable not only for the soul music records he helped promote on KGFJ Los Angeles and WWRL New York City, but whose trademark catch-phrase, "Burn, baby! Burn!" became the rallying cry of the 1965 Watts riots. Following criticism that his trademark phrase had inadvertently stirred up rioters, Montague advocated non-violence and urged young listeners to pursue their educations, coining the new phrase "Learn, baby! Learn!"

Semi-retired by the mid-1970s, Montague relocated to Palm Springs, California, where he was instrumental in the launch of easy listening KPLM, today a successful country music station. His was the first radio station construction permit issued to an African-American in four decades.

His autobiography, Burn, baby! BURN! (ISBN 978-0252028731) was published in October 2003 by the University of Illinois Press.


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