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Magnum Carnage is an American black metal band from Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally formed in 1996, the band has gone through many lineup changes all of which were led and assembled by band leader Kai Laigo.

Recorded material[edit]

The band has self-released four full-length CDs and one EP to date[when?], which have received radio airplay and reviews locally, nationally and around the world. Response is widely varied, as shown by the band’s 2006 LP "Evil Never Dies". It appeared on KTUH FM’s "Loud Music" chart as a requested album, as well as winning Harder Beat magazine’s "Worst CD of 2006" award. They have also appeared on internationally distributed compilations such as Knuckle Tracks No. 99, and Hawaiian Express Records METAL: Made in Hawaii. For one week in 1998, the song "Deathscythe" had enough downloads to place No. 3 on's world-wide black metal chart.


  • The Final Chapter - 1996
  • Nightmare Factory - 1999
  • Flowers of Flesh and Blood - 2002
  • Evil Never Dies - 2006
  • Digital Wolves (EP) - 2006

Live performance[edit]

Magnum Carnage has played over 60 live shows, mostly by invitation. Working with promotions such as Sick Nick Productions and Underworld Events, and regularly playing clubs such as Pink Cadillac, Anna Banana's, The Ninja House, King’s Crab and The Wave, they have covered most of Honolulu’s metal and rock scene.


A photo of the band Magnum Carnage
A photo of the band Magnum Carnage

Magnum Carnage has featured musicians from other Honolulu bands such as Alex Nagata (The Sticklers), Les Hernandez (The Quintessentials) and Jimi Lavalee (Laissez Faire).

Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • John Voorhis - drums 1999-2002
  • Dennis Phillips - bass guitar, live 1998
  • Jason Diangelo. - bass guitar and lead guitar, live 1999-2000
  • Chris Yap - bass guitar, live 1999
  • Jon Snyder - bass guitar, live, 2000–2001
  • Les Hernandez - guitar, live, 2001
  • Joel Courtenay - guest guitars on recordings, 1996, 2000
  • Angelo Barquez - guitars, 2001
  • Danny "The Bearded Wonder" Davidson - bass guitar, live 2002
  • Alex Nagata - drums, 2002–2006
  • chris Hinsdale - bass guitar, live, 2002–2004
  • Cassandra Metternich - keyboards, 2005
  • Kelly Anarchy - bass guitar, live 2005
  • Jimi Lavalee - drums, 2006

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