Magnus Brahe (1790–1844)

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For other members of Brahe family, see Brahe.
Magnus Brahe (1790-1844).

Nils Magnus Brahe (1790–1844), Swedish statesman and soldier.

He was and a descendant of Per Brahe and son of Magnus Fredrik Brahe and Ulrika Katarina Koskull. He fought in the War against Napoleon (1813–1814) under the crown prince Bernadotte, with whom, after his accession to the throne as Charles XIV, he was in high favour. He became Marshal of the Realm, and especially from 1828 onwards, exercised a preponderant influence in public affairs. As a politician, he was reportedly under the influence of his stepmother, salonist Aurora Wilhelmina Koskull.

In 1837, he was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.