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Magomet Sagov (Ingush: Mahmad Saga) is an Ingush inventor who lives and works in Norway. Magomet Sagov was born in Chechen-Ingush ASSR. On 23 February 1944 deported together with whole Ingush and Chechen nations to prison camp in Kazakhstan. He graduated from one of the universities there and became a Ph.D. In the USSR his inventions were mainly used by the Soviet military. After the breakup of the Soviet Union he was transferred to Bauman University in Moscow, Russia. Like many other Ingush immigrated to the West. He settled in Norway where he was recognized by the Norwegian government for his scientific and invention talents. He received his own laboratory. He is credited for many unusual inventions which incorporate quantum mechanics, biology, and physics simultaneously. The most famous work is the pump which is 80% more efficient than the pump of Galileo used today in many industries, and 50 cm diameter generator of quantum oscillation rays which is capable to completely leveling a small city for less than 10 minutes[1]

List of patented inventions[edit]

  • 1981 Walking wheel
  • 1993 Support part of a vehicle, its functioning method and vehicle incorporating it
  • 1994 Locomotive assembly for a transport device and transport device provided with such assembly
  • 1999 Method and device for propulsion of vessels
  • 2000 System for transport of fluid
  • 2001 Energy converter
  • 2004 Device for moving an object in relation to a fluid
  • 2005 Method and apparatus for transporting fluid in a conduit


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