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Origin Norfolk, England
Genres Alternative rock
Indie rock
Years active 1992 to present
Labels Noisebox Records
Chemikal Underground
Global Warming Records
Series 8 Records
Members Andrew Rayner
Owen Turner
Stacy Gow
Dave Lake
Past members Adam Blackbourn
Gill Sandell
Stephen Gilchrist
David Bamford
Andrew Hodge
Chris Thorpe-Tracey
Jen Heagren
Adam Maggots

Magoo are an English indie rock band who formed in Norfolk, England, in 1992.


The band give their influences as Guided by Voices, Stereolab, Pavement, The Flaming Lips, and John Peel,[1] and spent their early years playing local venues in the Norwich area. Having released several singles on Norwich's Noisebox Records they were signed by the Scottish record label, Chemikal Underground.

During their time with Chemikal Underground, Magoo played at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York and the Glastonbury Festival, as well as smaller events around the UK.

In June 1996, the band recorded four songs in session for the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1. They went on to record a further six sessions and were one of the last bands to record a session before his untimely death.[2]

The band subsequently parted company with Chemikal Underground and set up the Sickroom Studios, their own studio, in the heart of Norfolk to record their new material in. Magoo continue to play concerts around the UK.



  • The Soateramic Sounds Of Magoo (Beggars Banquet/Chemikal Underground, 9 September, April 1997, LP / CD)
  • Close Continental D.N.A. (Noisebox Records, March 1998, CD)
  • Vote The Pacifist Ticket Today (Chemikal Underground, November 1998, LP / CD)
  • Realist Week (Global Warming Records, 2 October, August 2001, LP / CD)
  • Popsongs (MayGoZero, February 2005, CD)
  • The All Electric Amusement Arcade (Series 8 Records, June 2006, CD)
  • The Continuing Adventures Of Magoo (Hungry Audio, July 2012, CD / MP3)

Singles and EPs[edit]

The Mudshark EP (Noisebox Records, May 1995, 7" on Orange Vinyl & Numbered) tracks : "Pop Your Mouth", "Tom, Lou & Me" & "Elsie's Skinny Arms"

  • "Robot Carnival" (Noisebox Records, September 1995, 7")
  • "Tremor, Tremor, Tremor" (Elefant Records, October 1997, 7")
  • "Eye Spy" (Noisebox Records, April 1996, 7")
  • "A to Z And Back Again" (Chemikal Underground, March 1997, 7"/CD)
  • "Red Lines ( are fine )" (Chemikal Underground, June 1997, 7"/CD)
  • "Holy Smoke!" (Chemikal Underground, May 1998, 7"/CD)
  • "Swiss Border Escape" (Chemikal Underground, September 1998, 7"/CD)
  • "East Polar Opposite Can Dream " (Global Warming, July 2001, 7"/CD)
  • "Knowledge Is Power " (Global Warming, October 2001, 7"/CD)
  • "The Big Comeback Starts Here" (Starharbour, June 2002, CD)
  • "Soft Family Rock" (MaYGoZero, December 2002, CD)
  • "Can't Get Off The Ground Today / Expansion Ride" (MaYGoZero, 2003, 7")
  • "Superteen Scene" (Series 8 Records, April 2006, 7")


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