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Titlecard used in 2012-2014
Genre Drama, anthology
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Directed by Dominic Zapata
Starring Mel Tiangco
Opening theme "Magpakailanman"
sung by Wency Cornejo and Kyla
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes N/A (airs every Saturday)
Executive producer(s) Mona Coles-Mayuga
Running time 1 hour and 40 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release
  • First incarnation:
  • December 2, 2002 (2002-12-02)[1] – January 31, 2008 (2008-01-31)
  • Second incarnation:
  • November 17, 2012 (2012-11-17)
 – present

Magpakailanman (English: Forevermore) is a weekly anthology of inspiring stories of the GMA Network aired every Saturday Magpakailanman features the life experiences of famous personalities and ordinary people who loved and lost on their way to success. The show is hosted by 24 Oras anchor Mel Tiangco.

The first incarnation of the show aired its last original episode on December 27, 2007 (2007-12-27) and was replaced by the E.S.P. TV series. While the succeeding show was then still under production, reruns of Magpakailanman were aired until January 31, 2008 (2008-01-31). Reruns of Magpakailanman were aired on GMA Life TV.

On its 10th anniversary, Magpakailanman returned to Philippine television on November 17, 2012 (2012-11-17). Tiangco reprised her role as the host/narrator.


Magpakailanman was originally created by GMA Entertainment TV Group as a one-season inspirational drama special intended for the celebration of World Meeting of Families[2] in January 23–24, 2003. Actress Vilma Santos was the original choice to host the show, but was eventually given went to Frontpage anchor Mel Tiangco after the former refused the offer. Because of the overwhelming positive feedback from viewers and critics, and high ratings, the network decided to make it as a regular weekly drama anthology. It was originally shown every Monday night. The show premiered with Bakit Ako Mahihiya? (Why Should I Be Ashamed?), an episode about the life of former “Jukebox Queen”, the late Didith Reyes.[3]

On its second season, the network decided to move the show from Monday nights to a Thursday night timeslot. The Janet Clemente Story served as the show's second season pilot. Because of its continued leadership in the ratings game, the show had finally toppled its rival "Maalaala Mo Kaya" (which regarded as the longest drama anthology on Philippine television), which later prompted to change its schedule from Thursday nights to Fridays. As a result of this move, Magpakailanman's ratings began to decline, and eventually, the management decided to cancel the show.[4]

Return and changes[edit]

After a four-year hiatus and due to the growing clamor to revive the program, GMA Network decided to have Magpakailanman returned to Philippine television. The returning drama anthology premiered on November 17, 2012 (2012-11-17), which again pitted against MMK, which has been airing also every Saturday nights since 2008. Tiangco returned as the show’s presenter.

GMA Entertainment TV Assistant Vice President for Drama, Redgie Acuña-Magno, states that it took two years to convince Tiangco to appear on the show again, which she eventually agreed when the network’s President, Chairman and CEO, Atty. Felipe Gozon himself, sent a word about his request to have her return to the show.

Aside from mere storytelling and narrating, Tiangco took a more participative role in the development of the show.[5] The new season’s main objective is, as it was in its previous seasons, to make the stories inspiring and uplifting. However, the new incarnation of the show now also aims to have the featured stories provocative, exceptional, arresting, and/or sensational. The production team also applied some “investigative” elements into the show's plot. With this new formula, the program not only showed the exact events that happened, but also examined certain aspects as to why these unfortunate events occurred, and how these situations can be prevented in the future.[6]

Notable episodes[edit]

Title Date Aired Description
Sa Kabila ng Karamdaman
(An AIDS Victim Story)
April 14, 2005 The episode was about a mother who was raped and acquired AIDS in Hong Kong where she worked as a domestic helper. It starred Lorna Tolentino and Noni Buencamino. For the said episode, Buencamino bagged the Best Dramatic Actor trophy in 2005 Asian Television Awards in Singapore, while Tolentino received a commendation for her portrayal of the role of an AIDS victim.[3]
Dahil Laging Sisikat ang Araw
(The Ricky Reyes Story)
January 13, 2003 Served as the highest rating episode of the first season of the show (garnered 27% rating AGB Nielsen Philippines). This episode featured the inspiring story of popular hairdresser and stylist, Ricky Reyes and his life of rags to riches. The story also tells the deep and meaningful relationship between mother and son and the struggles that they both went through in life.[7][8] Janno Gibbs portrayed the principal character.
Kalbaryo ng Isang Ina
(Patricia Dongallo Story)
May 11, 2006 The episode was the show’s 2006 Mother’s Day presentation. The said episode tackled the life story of Patricia “Peachy” Dongallo, a mother who lost her children to a rare and incurable blood disease. Jean Garcia and Gardo Versoza portrayed the main characters. This episode received high commendation as Best Drama Series in 2006 Asian Television Awards in Singapore.[9]
Sa Likod ng Bawat Ngiti
(The Joey de Leon Story)
December 22, 2005 Served as the third anniversary and Christmas presentation of the show. It featured the story of comedian Joey de Leon and a look at his early life before he joined the world of showbiz. Keempee de Leon acted the principal character.[10]
Abot-Kamay na Pangarap
(Wayda Cosme Story)
December 16, 2002 The episode followed the life of an Aeta girl named Wayda Cosme and her struggles to finish Law and became the very first Aeta lawyer in Philippine history. Jolina Magdangal received a high commendation in 2003 Asian Television Award for her portrayal in the said episode.[11]
Ano ang Kulay ng Tunay na Pagmamahal
(The Jennylyn Mercado Untold Story)
October 14, 2004 Jennylyn Mercado played the role of herself and narrated the painful side of her childhood as a battered child.[12]
Pag-ahon Mula sa Putikan
(The Shine Mariquit Story)
October 19, 2006 The episode featured the story of Shine Mariquit, which was played by Joyce Jimenez. She was raped at the age of 13. Worse, this rape impregnated her, making her a young mother before she was mentally or emotionally ready. She became a drug dependent and prostitute. She later became a Mamasan (beer house manager). She eventually decided to lead a reformed life for the sake of her son.[13]
Pangarap na Bituin
(The Sarah Geronimo Story)
June 19, 2003 Served as Magpakailanman's first high-rated episode for season 2 (garnered 28% rating AGB Nielsen Philippines). The episode featured the rise-to-fame story of singer/actress Sarah Geronimo. Kyla portrayed the principal character.[14]
Sa Muling Pagsilip ng Liwanag
(The Jose and Permelita Claro Story)
January 6, 2005 Real-life couple, Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong portrayed Jose and Permelita Claro, both born blind and bereft of their respective family's love. Against their children contracted measles, they were forced to seek financial assistance from their parents but were denied. After the death of one of their kids, the couple exerted more effort to fend for themselves. Amidst trials, they stuck together with faith and love for each other.[15]
Silang Mga Inihabilin ng Langit
(Monica Sison Story)
August 7, 2003 The episode featured the life story of Monica Sison, a nun who went to the province to become a teacher to the less fortunate barrio children. Nora Aunor played the role of Monica.[16]
Babangon Din Ang Kahapon
(The Comfort Women Story)
June 24, 2004 Sunshine Dizon and Alessandra de Rossi portrayed Amonita Balajadia and Julia Poras, respectively, both became comfort women during Japanese invasion, World War II. This episode served as a special presentation of the show for the 54th Anniversary of GMA Network. The said episode also won Outstanding Drama Serial in the 1st EnPRESS Golden Screen Entertainment TV Awards and 2 best actress trophies for Dizon.[17]
Hiram na Haplos
(The Jimmy and Cora Salalima Story)
October 5, 2006 Real-life couple, Lorna Tolentino and Rudy Fernandez lead the life story of Jimmy and Cora Salalima, a kindly couple who became foster parents for 47 orphans in “Kaisahang Buhay Foundation”.[18]
Nang Magtampo ang Kerubin
(The Elvira Lerum Story)
June 26, 2003 Susan Roces played Elvira Lerum, a widow who is forced to leave home and work as a domestic helper to support her three children. Her youngest daughter, Maria is an epileptic. After Elvira left, her elder children treated Maria as a burden so she left home. Elvira then started her search for her ailing daughter but failed to find her, until one time she watched I-Witness as it featured young mental patients at a hospital. Susan saw her missing daughter as one of them so she went to the hospital and they were reunited.[14]
Laban sa Magandang Kinabuksan
(The Mitchell Martinez Story)
April 14, 2005 An episode about Mitchell Martinez, a lady boxer who won for the country its first gold in boxing in 2001 (First Boxing for Women) in Thailand. Rochelle Pangilinan portrayed the role of Mitchell.[19]
Sa Bingit ng Katotohanan
(The Herminia Barlam Story)
September 4, 2003 A featured story of a handicapped named, Herminia Barlam, which was played by Alma Moreno. A witness to a crime, Herminia took the stand as the prime witness despite the threats on her life or even the initial rejection because of her defect which the court deemed unworthy and non-credible. Through determination, she won her fight to testify and then won the case herself.[20]
Bakit Ako Mahihiya?
(The Didith Reyes Story)
December 2, 2002 Served as Magpakailanman’s very first episode. It featured the life and love story of the Philippine’s former “Jukebox Queen”, from her heyday to her downfall. It starred Ara Mina as Didith Reyes.[21]
Kakaibang Mukha ng Pag-ibig
(The Antonio and Tina Baluyot Story)
March 3, 2003 Sunshine Dizon and Yul Servo portrayed as Tina, a retarded; and Antonio Baluyot, a man with a short and twisted legs. The two fell in love with each other and began a very difficult life for the both of them.[22]
Laro ng Tadhana
(The Carmelita Mendoza Story)
November 30, 2006 The episode narrated the ill-fated life story of a mother named Carmelita who had lost her heart again and again. As a young lady, she was impregnated by her childhood sweetheart. But when their parents found out, they were forcefully separated; the child was sent away for adoption. Carmelita didn't even find out if her baby was a boy or a girl. She was given another chance at love with another man but a second pregnancy scared him away, revealing that he already had family. This time though, Carmelita kept her child: a son, Jimbo. History seemed to repeat itself, when a grown-up Jimbo met a girl named Diane, fell in love with her, and impregnated her. The two decided to marry but during their wedding preparations, it was revealed that Jimbo and Dianne were siblings. Sandy Andolong portrayed as Carmelita and Jennylyn Mercado and Jeremy Marquez acted as Dianne and Jimbo, respectively.
Nang Bumaba sa Lupa ang Bituin sa Langit
(The Nelia Sancho Story)
March 6, 2003 The episode featured the former Queen of the Pacific and 1969 Bb. Pilipinas 1st runner-up, Nelia Sancho. She left the spotlight and joined an underground movement and became an activist during Martial Law days. Miriam Quiambao portrayed the role.[23]
Sa Pagsikat at Paglubog ng Araw
(The Janice Jurado Story)
March 18, 2004 This episode starred Sunshine Dizon as Janice Jurado, a former sexy singer, dancer and actress whose private life became turbulent that she turned to drugs but became close to God and kicked the habit out. As she turned over a new leaf, she learned she has breast cancer.[24]
Sa Bawat Pag-ikot ng Mundo
(The Joey Marquez Story)
This episode narrated the story of a basketball player turned actor Joey Marquez and his struggles and determination to win the love and recognition of his father. Jomari Yllana acted as Joey Marquez.[25]
Sa Kabila ng Kanyang Pamamaalam
(Jhunnalyn dela Peña Story)
January 29, 2004 A featured life story of Jhunnalyn dela Peña, which was portrayed by Angel Locsin, one of the two beneficiaries of the cornea transplant from the late Miko Sotto whose mom Ali Sotto donated his eyes to the Eyebank Foundation.[26]
Sa Hirap at Ginhawa
(The Wawel and Mila Mercado Story)
June 19, 2003 An episode about a couple who refused to let a heavy blow to their family bring them to their knees. When Mila became comatose after giving birth, doctors told Wawel that his wife might only have a one percent chance of waking up again but he refused to give up. Even as he prayed for a miracle, he silently vowed to share his experience to others should God grant his wish to revive his wife. Two weeks after he prayed, Mila suddenly woke up and Wawel knew it was time to start fulfilling his vow. Glydel Mercado and Tonton Gutierrez lead the said episode.[27]
Buhay na Walang Hanggan
(The Mars Ravelo Story)
May 26, 2005 The episode served as the show’s tribute to the Philippines’ “Komiks King”, Mars Ravelo. The episode narrated the life and love story of Ravelo, his humble beginnings and his successful career as a comic novel writer. Dennis Trillo played the principal character.
Sa Muling Pagsapit ng Umaga
(The Janet Clemente Story)
April 3, 2003 This episode served as the show’s second season pilot. It starred Dina Bonnevie as Janet Clemente, the first Filipina to be sentenced to death in the country.
Sa Kabila ng Kapansanan
(The Grace Padaca Story)
August 12, 2004 The episode chronicled former Isabela Governor, Grace Padaca’s life story, her struggles in life despite her disability, the painful experiences during her childhood which molded her to become a strong-willed person. She was a polio victim who ended the more than three decades domination of a well-entrenched political clan in the province. Janice de Belen played the principal character.[28]
Kapag ang Pag-ibig ay Wagas
(The Gerry & Marlene Mariano Story)
April 15, 2004 Ara Mina and Jomari Yllana played as Gerry and Marlene, a couple afflicted with cerebral palsy. Ara Mina won Best Single Performance by an Actress in 2004 Star Awards for television for this episode.[29]
Minsan May Isang Doktor
(The Juan Flavier Story)
July 3, 2003 The episode chronicled the life story of former senator, Juan Flavier (played by Ogie Alcasid), a provincial lad who decided to become a doctor of medicine to help his poor townmates who still believed in albularyos (shamans). It was a trying and heartbreaking experience for the young doctor as the people he wanted to serve scoffed at him and his intentions but he eventually succeeded at being accepted by the people and started his career as a public servant.[30]
The Alden Richards Story March 9, 2013 Richards portray himself, as his mother pursue him to be an actor, and later died before he auditioned for Starstuck, which he did not enter in the competition. It was reaired on September 12, 2015, due to popularity of AlDub.[31][32]
Behind The Laughter
(The Wally Bayola Story)
February 9, 2013 Bayola (Sef Cadayona during his teenage years) portray himself.
Bingit ng Buhay: The Skyway Bus Tragedy December 12, 2015 The episode is about the bus tragedy of a bus and a van in Skyway the bus gone her break and it falls down on bridge and it falls van.
Anak, Saan Kami Nagkamali? January 9, 2016 The episode is about the young suicide poison making anger of Mercy (Ai-Ai delas Alas) and Lourdes (Snooky Serna). This Children as the Young Parents like Shirlyn (Jhoana Marie Tan) and Randy (Jak Roberto) these Mothers fighting in the Burial of their Children.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Giving Body Category Episode Title Nominee Result
2015 PMPC Star Awards for Television Best Drama Anthology -- Magpakailanman Won
2014 PMPC Star Awards for Television Best Drama Anthology -- Won
2013 Gawad Tanglaw Awards Best Performance by an Actress Kalbaryo ng Isang Ina: The Nanay Slyveria Story Jean Garcia Won
PMPC Star Awards for Television Best Drama Anthology -- Magpakailanman Won
2007 PMPC Star Awards for Television Best Single Performance By An Actress Sa Dulo Ng Pag-Ibig: The Olivia Ortiz Story Pauleen Luna Won
2006 Asian Television Awards Best Drama Series Kalbaryo ng Isang Ina: Patricia Dongallo Story Magpakailanman Highly Commended
Asian Television Award
  • 2006 (Highly Commended) – Kalbaryo ng Isang Ina (Patricia Dongallo Story) episode
  • 2005 Best Single Performance by an Actor – Nonie Buencamino (Sa Kabila ng Karamdaman/Despite the Hurts, An AIDS Victim Story)[33]
  • 2005 Best Single Performance by an Actress (Highly Commended) – Lorna Tolentino (Sa Kabila ng Karamdaman/Despite the Hurts, An AIDS Victim Story)[33]
  • 2003 Best Single Performance by an Actress (Highly Commended) – Jolina Magdangal (Abot-Kamay na Pangarap/Reachable Dream, The Wayda Cosme Story)[34]
Catholic Mass Media Award
  • 2007 Best Drama Series/Program[35]
  • 2003 Best Drama Series/Program[36]
ANAK TV Seal Award
  • 2009 Anak TV Seal Awardee[37]
  • 2008 Anak TV Seal Awardee[37]
PMPC Star Awards for TV
  • 2007 Best Single Performance by an ActressPauleen Luna (Sa Dulo ng Pag-ibig, The Olivia Ortiz Story)[38]
  • 2005 Best Single Performance by an ActressLorna Tolentino (Sa Kabila ng Karamdaman, An AIDS Victim Story)
  • 2004 Best Single Performance by an ActressAra Mina (Kapag Ang Pag-Ibig ay Wagas, The Gerry & Marlene Mariano Story)
  • 2003 Best Single Performance by an ActressSunshine Dizon (Kakaibang Mukha ng Pag-ibig)[39]
  • 2013 Best Drama Anthology Program
  • 2013 Best Single Performance by an Actress Nominee - Krystal Reyes (Batang Ina: The Tintin Ng Story)
  • 2013 Best Single Performance by an Actor Nominee - Keempee de Leon (Ang Tatay Kong Beki: The Ruben Marasigan Story)
  • 2014 Best Drama Anthology Program
ENPRESS Golden Screen Awards for TV
  • 2004 Outstanding Drama Serial – (Babangon Din Ang Kahapon episode)[40]
  • 2004 Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama SpecialSunshine Dizon (Babangon Din ang Kahapon)[40]
Gawad Tanglaw Awards
  • 2014 Best Drama Anthology [41]
  • 2014 Best Performance by an Actress - Jean Garcia (Kalbaryo ng Isang Ina)[41]

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