Maguelone Cathedral

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Maguelone Cathedral, west front
Maguelone Cathedral, interior

Maguelone Cathedral[1] (Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Maguelone or Cathédrale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul de Maguelone) was the cathedral of the former Bishop of Maguelone until 1563, when the see was transferred to the newly created Bishopric of Montpellier. Now a totally isolated structure, it is situated on the once easily defensible peninsula that was the site of the original city of Maguelone, opposite the present Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, Hérault, France.

The cathedral, constructed when the see was returned here in the 11th century from Substantion by Bishop Arnaud (1030-1060), is a Romanesque fortified building. Although parts, such as the towers, have been demolished, the main body of the building remains functional and is a registered national monument. It is run by a dedicated preservation society and is used for both religious and secular purposes.


Portal: Saint Paul (left) and Saint Peter (right). These reliefs once formed part of a Romanesque tympanum, now replaced by a Gothic one.

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  1. ^ also sometimes spelt Maguelonne


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