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Maguire University, phantom college

Maguire University is a fictitious college invented in 1963 by a group of Chicago high school basketball coaches, for the sole purpose of securing tickets to the NCAA Final Four.

Maguire "University" is born[edit]

The idea was hatched by then-Fenwick High School coach Len Tyrrell at Maguire's Pub in Forest Park, Illinois. The NCAA fell for it, and so did at least one real school: the United States Air Force Academy, which contacted Tyrrell (Maguire's self-proclaimed "Chancellor") and asked to play his nonexistent team.

Maguire (nicknamed "the Jollymen") received Final Four tickets for two years, until Bill Jauss wrote about the scam in the Chicago Tribune. The NCAA was not amused. The coaches then had to acquire their own tickets, and at least one of them has attended every Final Four (or, as they call it, Final 'Five') ever since. Maguire's motto, "We Play Hurt", is a reference to the hangovers accrued by Maguire's "students". [1]

The Maguire University 50th Year Celebration in 2012 was held in New Orleans at the Hotel le Marais.

For the 2017 Final Four, Maguire U. was held at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona.

San Antonio, TX welcomes back the Four Four in 2018 and Maguire's Headquarters will be based out the Drury Riverwalk Hotel


Founder: John Maguire (Founder and President, 1961 - 1976)

President: Art Duffy (Hall of Fame, 1998)

Treasurer: D.J. Moore (Hall of Fame, 2016)

Treasurer Emeritus: Meg Comer (Hall of Fame, 2013)

Director of Admissions and Alumni Relations: Jimmy Dillon (Hall of Fame, 2005)

Vice Presidents: George Hoey and Beth LaRocca (Hall of Fame, 2004)

Recording Secretary: Shawn Roberts (Hall of Fame, 2008)

Maguire University Hall of Fame Members[edit]

Listed by Year of Induction


Ray Carci

DJ Moore


Bob Hahner

Kevin Maguire


Mike Bullock

Kyle Sprinkle

Randall Meeks


Meg Comer

Cathy Duffy

Billy Rice


Mary Costello

Jim Hague


Jim Abercrombie

Tom Scanlan


Matt Church


Jim Dillon


Arthur S Duffy


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