Maha Thetkya Yanthi Buddha

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Maha Thetkya Yanthi Buddha
မဟာသကျရံသီ ရုပ်ရှင်တော်မြတ်ကြီး
Maha Thakya Yan Thi Pagoda.jpg
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
CountryOttarathiri Township, Naypyidaw, Burma
Geographic coordinates19°52′08″N 96°08′24″E / 19.868934°N 96.140135°E / 19.868934; 96.140135Coordinates: 19°52′08″N 96°08′24″E / 19.868934°N 96.140135°E / 19.868934; 96.140135
FounderNaypyidaw Development Committee
Completed2015; 4 years ago (2015)

Maha Thetkya Yanthi Buddha (Burmese: မဟာသကျရံသီ ရုပ်ရှင်တော်မြတ်ကြီး); Pali: Mahāsakyaraṃsi) is a Buddhist temple in Ottarathiri Township, Naypyidaw Union Territory, Myanmar (Burma) that houses a 32 feet (9.8 m) marble image of the standing Buddha that weighs 700 tonnes (690 long tons; 770 short tons).[1][2] The marble was sourced from a quarry 375 miles (604 km) north in Mandalay.[3] The image was enshrined on 20 June 2015 in the Gandhakuṭi Pavilion (ဂန္ဓကုဋိကျောင်းဆောင်). Construction efforts were undertaken by ACE Construction Group, owned by Tint Hsan.

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