Maha Vihara Maitreya

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Maha Vihara Maitreya
The Great Maitreya Temple
AffiliationMahayana Buddhism
ProvinceNorth Sumatra
LocationKomplek Perumahan Cemara Asri, Jalan Cemara Boulevard Utara No. 8, Medan Estate, Percut Sei Tuan, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra 20371
Maha Vihara Maitreya is located in Medan
Maha Vihara Maitreya
Location in Medan, Northern Sumatra, Sumatra, and Indonesia
Maha Vihara Maitreya is located in Northern Sumatra
Maha Vihara Maitreya
Maha Vihara Maitreya (Northern Sumatra)
Maha Vihara Maitreya is located in Sumatra
Maha Vihara Maitreya
Maha Vihara Maitreya (Sumatra)
Maha Vihara Maitreya is located in Indonesia
Maha Vihara Maitreya
Maha Vihara Maitreya (Indonesia)
TerritoryDeli Serdang Regency
Geographic coordinates3°38′16.5″N 98°42′04.7″E / 3.637917°N 98.701306°E / 3.637917; 98.701306Coordinates: 3°38′16.5″N 98°42′04.7″E / 3.637917°N 98.701306°E / 3.637917; 98.701306
FounderIndonesia Buddhist Association

Maha Vihara Maitreya, (Chinese: 慈光彌勒佛院; pinyin: Cíguāng mílè fú yuàn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: chû kng mî leh hu̍t ōan), is a Buddhist temple located on Medan, which is claimed to be the largest non-historical buddhist temple in Indonesia. This temple is often called Vihara Cemara Asri because it is located in housing complex of Cemara Asri. Maha Vihara Maitreya was built in 1991 on an area of 4.5 hectares and was inaugurated on August 21, 2008.


This temple was built as a place of worship for Buddhists adherent in Medan in particular, and North Sumatra in general, given the large number of ethnic Chinese living in the city and in accordance with its name, Maitreya, this temple is very thick with the teachings of Maitreya Buddha that teaches love on universe.

Even though one of the largest temples in Indonesia, but the interior is graced Maha Vihara Maitreya looks simple and provides a calm and silent, thus adding solemnity of worship.

The Temple building is divided into three main rooms. The first building there is a common Baktisala that a place of worship Buddha Sakyamuni, Bodhisattva and the Bodhisattva Satyakalama Avolokitesvara. The building has a capacity of 1,500 people.

In the second building of the Maitreya Baktisala area with a capacity of 2,500 people. In this section there are also has Baktisala Holy Patriarch. In addition, there is a banquet hall as a special dining room reception.

Meanwhile, the third building is a meeting hall with a capacity of 2,000 people. All the buildings has guest house, only guesthouse in one building has the most complete facilities, namely the existence of office space, meeting rooms, recording studios and a communal kitchen.

This temple also decorated with various statues of dragons and mythical animals reliefs on the walls of the monastery like a phoenix and dragon. On the right temple also contained a floating teapot fountain.[1]


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