Mahabhagavata Purana

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The Mahabhagavata Purana, also called "Devi Puran" is an Upapurana written by sage vyasa and is recited between lord Sadashiva and sage Narada. It primarily describes stories about the supreme goddess Shakti, and goddesses Sati, Parvati, Kali and Ganga. The Purana contains 81 chapters and includes parvati geeta and Shri Lalita Sastranaam. It also mentions scientific details about embryology and development of the foetus, it describes the menstrual period and other topics of scientific interest.


The Mahabhagavata Purana describes the goddess Sati and her demise, mahavidyas and details Devi worship and praises, Devi as the ultimate reality.

The Purana tells the story of Shakti Peeth and glorifies Kamakhya Temple at Kamrup. It describes the goddess Ganga as the partial incarnation of Sati as she was born from Chaya Sati. It goes on to provide details about the marriage of Lord Shiva and the goddess Ganga, then details Parvati Maa and Lord Shiva's marriage, and shares the story of the descendants of Maa Ganga to earth, heaven, and hell.